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It’s Time to Open Up to the Messages from the Infinite, by Lisa Barnett

It’s Time to Open Up to the Messages from the Infinite, by Lisa Barnett

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   The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.

~Lao Tzu

    We can’t always control outside circumstances, but when we’re blocked by stress, irritation, frustration or disappointment, we may feel disconnect from the good the Universe has to offer us. Is it possible to do an about face in those moments or are we destined to get in our own way?

Many of you shut down or even turned off your gifts when you were kids because you were ridiculed

    I would like to suggest that your intuition and even deeper soul guidance can be the “about face” or “change of view” that can help you transform your life. I know you all have some level of intuition, knowing or guidance. You may feel it as a chill or goose bumps when someone says something that resonates with you. You may feel your guidance in your gut. Maybe it’s a heavy feeling, which means stop for you, or it’s butterflies in your stomach. That excitement may be a “go ahead” for you. But it’s not the same for everyone. You get your intuitive signs based on your Soul type, mixed with your childhood and what your family allowed you to experience. Then add to that many hundreds of other lifetimes filled with experiences you don’t even remember. It just starts to remind you how Unique you are.

    One of the things I know about our society is they don’t validate your intuition. Many of you shut down or even turned off your gifts when you were kids because you were ridiculed for talking to fairies or angels or it just made you feel weird. Maybe you’re still keeping all your intuitive gifts shut down. 

    Now is the time to truly receive your soul guidance so you can you get clear answers on important decisions. We’re on the verge of creating the New Earth! The Akashic Record Keepers have told me that learning to access the expansive wisdom of your Akashic Record is your Birthright. 

    In my Akashic Record course, I teach you to work with the high vibrational energy of the Akashic Record and you learn how to ask questions so you can get direct answers to Your Questions, not just vague intuitive hits.

    You can ask Your Personal Akashic Masters: what do I need to know, clear and release so I can receive more guidance, love, money, fun, just to name a few things.

    The biggest reason many of us are stuck is because we are cut off from over 50% of the multi-dimensional information and intuitive guidance that is there for us. If you don’t know how to get at that divine information, your soul may wither as you struggle to fine your soul purpose.

    What we all need is to learn how to get clear guidance and intuitive wisdom every day, so you have inner support that resonates with your soul’s path and wisdom. To help you right now please download my Free Meditation: “Connect Your Mind, Spirit, and Body To Deepen Your Intuition.” I look forward to seeing you in an Akashic Record Workshop soon.

Access my free meditation to Connect Your Mind, Spirit, and Body to Deepen Your Intuition

    Did you know you have three brains?

    In this meditation we will connect all of your brains to help you align these various levels of intuitive knowing and bring it into consciousness.

    This meditation will help if you:

  • Activate and connect your pineal and pituitary glands
  • Connect your mental knowledge with your spirit/heart wisdom
  • Connect your spirit/heart wisdom with your gut brain which holds the information of your body and your clairsentience.

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