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Interview with Miranda Shines, a conscious performer, and Hare Krishna devotee

Interview with Miranda Shines, a conscious performer, and Hare Krishna devotee

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Conscious Rap and Hip Hop Artist Miranda Shines lets her conscious lyrics and music shine her light into the world. Radiance Editor-in-Chief Scott Ware sat down for an interview with her, but first enjoy the power of her lyrics.

Lyrics from the track, We Are One

Forget the typical, cynical, hypocritical

Face the challenge with passion and keep an open mentality

Life is duality, with many doors in a gallery

We can work hard to attain love, not just a salary 


That was my prime for a while till I put on a pretty smile

Surrendered my being to what we call a higher power

Now I’m a flower blossoming towers of love 

And throwing meteor showers for everyone to see from above 


We are parcels of cosmic creation

Leaders of the next generation 

We are building a good reputation 

foundations for good, good vibrations 


You got the right to appeal 

You got the right to conceal that massive beauty of soul that holds up multiple shields

But tell me why do you do it, why not let go and reveal

Everything holding you high in some shedded light — making you feel bright 

This stone cold of world you’ve illusioned to believe,

 Or any fantasy you’ve construed up your dam sleeves

Learn the pattern. Break it. Fake it till you make it. 

Develop new habits — save it. 

We got this magnificent organ of a brain doing 99percent of everything nowadays don’t let it slave away, you are not this fancy machine, this bag of flesh is merely aesthetics for everything in between 

We are ONE. 


What does it mean to be part of the conscious rap movement?

It’s an outlet to express my creativity, to dice up the syllables, and to deliver messages of truth and light to people who seek inspiration. I share my triumphs and my tribulations with the world in hopes that I can help them in some way. 

You had quite a life to draw from, even prompting you to start writing an autobiography a bit earlier than most people.

Yes, even my father said, “Aren’t you too young for that?” And I said a lot has happened and it’s time for me to share.

You were raised Hare Krishna, isn’t that right?

Correct. My father is a professional vegetarian chef for Hare Krishna temples around the world.

Part of your journey was leaving the religion and getting exposed to part of the human experience that even led to Recovery.

Yes, I was born into the movement and at a certain point lost sight of what was important. I was heavily influenced by external factors, which we call “Maya” the illusion. For a while I was stuck in that bubble, a vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of. 

What are the core principles of Hare Krishnas?

We follow the Bhakti Path, the path of love and devotion. Krishna is opulence, all grace, all knowledge. Everything is God, and we are all part and parcel of that. We believe that whatever we do must be offered to One and the whole. Krishna is localized in everyone’s heart, and I’m guided by that. 

You also spin a Dragon Staff that’s on fire!

Yes, for me it’s being one with the elements, and in this case, the element of fire. A lot of people are afraid of fire. “What is it to unify with such an element?” is an amazing experience for me. It’s very similar to Tai Chi. 

It sounds like a spiritual experience.

Yes, every time I spin the Dragon Staff, I feel more grounded and connected with Gaia, Mother Earth. I’m an artist and I create, and this is a great creative expression for me. 

When you experienced hard times in your life, what were your lifelines?

Well I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was emotionally drained with nowhere else to go, and after a lot of praying I manifested a trip that ended with me in a temple that began my recovery process which led to me being a healer through my music and other modalities. 

What does being a healer mean to you?

Being able to influence people and impact their lives with ways they can heal. Whether it’s through music or a structure of philosophy, like Bhakti yoga, or the resonance of sacred mantras. Yoga combines your physical spiritual and mental aspects for balance. My biggest gift is sharing the experience of my tribulations to help others. 

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