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You Can Now Change Your Music’s Pitch for Greater Resonance with Your Heart and Soul

You Can Now Change Your Music’s Pitch for Greater Resonance with Your Heart and Soul

Listen to music at your frequency at

Did you know we’ve all been listening to music in the wrong pitch? Since music engineers in the 1930’s standardized the industry at 440Hz, we lost the ability to listen to symphonies the way Beethoven and Mozart created them, and we’re forced to listen to all of our music at a pitch that is not naturally aligned with the sounds of nature, the frequency of our heart chakra and even our spirit… until now. Professional musician and inventor Alan Howarth, who did sound effects for Star Trek I, II, III and IV, has created an app that will give us the ability to alter the pitch of our music to those frequencies for deeper enjoyment and even healing. 

You got a San Francisco orchestra to change their pitch to the one used by composers in Beethoven’s day. Yes, and it all started when I picked up a book by Wes Bateman that mentions the pyramids of Egypt were designed to have “frequencies.” When I heard a recording of music played in 432Hz, instead of the industry standard of 440Hz, I said “that sounds like a 17th century piano” and he said “You’re right. This was tuning in the Renaissance.” I looked it up and verified that the first tuning fork in 1711 was tuned to 423.5Hz They had no calibrators to get that close to the ideal 424Hz, but they did it intuitively because it sounded right. Then I actually went to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid to do my own measurements for full verification. 

You’re coming out with an app that will enable us to change the pitch of any of your music. When I’ve listened to the samples of pop music you have on your website ( I feel something deeply moving to the music. Is this also affecting our bodies, our cells? Yes, especially if you consider the Law of Sympathetic Vibration: if an element is giving off a vibration, and you are resonant to that vibration, you will begin vibrating at the same frequency. Then we’re listening to music that is tuned to our own natural resonance, the frequencies that “the upstairs folks” used as the master design in the third dimension, which is related mathematically to phi, the golden mean, the Fibonacci Sequence.  That’s 432Hz instead of 440Hz. This ratio is the same measurement found all over your body: if you look at your hand, the first segment of your finger is 1, then the next part is exactly 1.618 times bigger (phi) than the next. Then when you curl that finger in, it looks like a snail shell. These dimensions are built into our body and into these frequencies.

If I’ve written a love song, and it’s in 440Hz, and you adjust it to the heart chakra at 424Hz, it will resonate with the heart. My message as an artist will be better received by the listener. 

Then when this becomes more standard, which I believe it will, the singers will adapt and adopt that pitch rather than singing in the 440Hz. That’s correct. In fact, if you were to analyze the voices that we’re speaking in, we’re in our natural resonance. This is where our frequencies are comfortable. And this is not the 440Hz, it’s the 424Hz. (To sample this for yourself, go to for more information.)

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