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My Appointment with Louise Hay

My Appointment with Louise Hay

She Changed My Life Forever

Roz can be reached at 323-839-7903.

Roz Esposito is a New Thought Minister, clairaudient life coach, and an NLP Practitioner, and was profoundly affected by her early interactions with pre-famous Louise Hay in the 1980s.

So you met Louise Hay before she was Louise Hay. Yes, it was back in New York. Friends of mine were goo-goo eyed about this lady who came from California to do private sessions in a friend’s studio apartment, so I went to see her.

What did you go to her for? Not for a medical problem, I just wanted to be making more money in my singing career.

You said she already had this glow. Yes. There was something very special about her. After I told her why I was there, she asked me “How would your life be if you didn’t criticize yourself or others?” Back then I couldn’t even compute that. No one was talking about this stuff. And then she said, “I want you to say this mantra 300-400 times a day…”I approve of myself”.


I said, “When am I going to have time for that?!” And she said, “You know, when you’re walking to the subway obsessing about something. We need to interrupt your negative mental patterns.” And then she took me over to the mirror to do mirror work, and I just started crying immediately. If you can picture Louise Hay with her hands on your shoulders saying, “Just say ‘I love you, Roz’” and l did just that through tears.

What happened next? She said “Lay down, I’m going to do treatment.” I didn’t know what that meant at the time. She spoke softly to me, and brought me into a meditation with affirmations, and suggestions to release old patterns. The whole experience was so amazing I thought she was from another planet.

Did it work? Miraculously! Two weeks later I booked a national commercial, with the jingle producer who wrote I Love New York and remained gainfully employed with him for the next eight years until he retired. I called Louise and told her all this, and she said, “That’s great, keep me posted.” But then one day when I received a particularly large sum of money from some solo projects I did, and I got nauseous because it was more that my mom got for my dad’s entire life insurance. I called Louise about it and she said, “You’re not digesting your experiences. You are allowed to have success. You are not your mother.” Soon after, the pain went away.

How else did Louise Hay impact you after that? I was a part of something called The Healing Circle in New York that was modeled after “The Hay Ride” in California where AIDS patients would have this joyous and even magical gettogether that was very supportive. I performed music there that was funny and uplifting, and Louise would show up once in a while. She was always supportive and her presence always made a difference.

Louise made THE difference in my life. Through every challenge, I’d pick up her book and find healing. I strive to live and teach self-love.  I just completed a play about forgiveness that is on its way to Broadway. All is well in my life!

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