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“My Breast Implant Removal Freed My Soul”

“My Breast Implant Removal Freed My Soul”

Honoring the Sacred Feminine, Regardless of Society’s Messages

Patricia Garza Pinto is Founder of the Divine Your Power – Health and Wellness for the 21st Century training and coaching program. Divine Your Power is designed to empower women by raising their life force energy through a combination of daily rituals which integrate breath work, energy balancing, health, diet and fitness activities. She can be reached at 949-422-1168 or

Patricia Garza Pinto is a shaman, energy medicine healer and holistic health practitioner. She grew up in a violent and volatile world that included sexual abuse and drug trafficking. A “divine intervention” changed her life. —Editor

You’ve recently had your breast implants removed and you’ve shown amazing courage posting photos of yourself in a bra to show the results. What changes have you experienced?

PATRICIA: This falls under the category of letting go. It doesn’t make it a bad thing, but I’ve lost being able to walk into a room and get noticed immediately. I’ve lost that attention-getting energy.

You’ve noticed that in the last few weeks?

Yes, which means that type of validation from men seeing me as a voluptuous woman with curves.

You say “woman with curves,” but I think that basic instinct is more “object of desire” that doesn’t take the person into account.

Thank you! Yes, see? When I put the implants in, there was a part of me that wanted to believe I wanted to simply be more feminine. So honestly the biggest thing I lost was that instant “noticing” and therefore validation from men. But the paradox is there’s a big part of me that’s okay with that because that’s what I chose.


Absolutely! And liberated. I’m lighter in spirit, I’m lighter in energy form, lighter at a soul level. After I took them out, I lost four pounds of what I call “psychic baggage” based on what the implants represented for me psychically and, therefore, energetically.

You had already been on a journey.

Prior to my Divine Your Power program,my program was called, Rise, Warrior Woman, Rise. When I started to get into myself on a deeper level and heal some of that “kick ass and take names” aspect, I started to evolve into this more divine feminine goddess. I learned to fall in love with myself.

You don’t get the wisdom you have and your healing ability without earning it.

That’s right. It doesn’t come in a classroom. It doesn’t come with a degree on the wall.

Does someone need to be in a particular place in their life to be helped by you?

Not at all. My motto is “Meet them where they’re at, give them what they need.” Frequently, I will do my “Divine Your Power Energy Medicine Healings,” which I do on myself as well. In fact, people are surprised and shocked that I am up and around in the capacity I am so soon after my surgery. I tell them I have this capacity because of what I’ve been doing to prepare myself holistically. I’ve been doing this heart and soul for years, including clean eating, and it makes all the difference.


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