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My Hands Help You Heal

My Hands Help You Heal

Let’s Go Deep Together

Originally from Belgium, Hollywood reporter J.P. Martin has always been a healer and a psychic, but shortly after moving to California to interview celebrities, he experienced a burning sensation in his left hand which he knew intuitively to be an expansion of his healing abilities. Along with Reiki and his Tarot de Marseille readings, his method began yielding optimal results. – Editor

With your Hot Hands Healing Method being so successful, why did you also learn Reiki? It helped people put a frame on what I do which helps their comfort level before we begin. But I totally do my own style. I’m very instinctive and straight to the point. And as far as Tarot is concerned, cards are more a support than anything else.

In your job as a journalist, did you find yourself reading the celebrities you were interviewing? Yes, but I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. With artists and movie stars, instead of me asking them questions, I would make assertive statements, saying: “This is who you are” and they would always say, “How do you know that about me?” Lately, I told P!nk she’d be doing things with children in the future and I was so spot-on. She looked at me and took my card (laughs).

What do you people come back to you for? Relieving anxiety. I perfectly know myself what being anxious means, so I’m best at helping people with. Most physical pains are linked to anxiety and stress, so to me, the healing is to take people to an awareness of their own mechanical patterns that created the pain. It usually doesn’t take more than eight sessions for them to really see that they, themselves, are creating the pain. My preference is for them to come someplace with me and unplug for two hours, to disconnect from the chaos and turmoil of the outside world and then, go deep within themselves and see why they are creating this so the pattern can be stopped.

You’ve had some success recently with some clients. Yes, there was a lady who had a cyst near her stomach, and we were able to get her some healing. A very creative man came to me with so much fiery energy he could barely sleep. I helped him clean out some things that brought him alignment. I help them to heal themselves. I get them to a relaxed place so that can happen. Some people even fall asleep.

What led you to this profession? I felt called, even compelled. I’ve been through so much in my life, I’ve been very, very down. I was helped so much by others, and I want to give back.

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