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What is My Mission? By Matías De Stefano

What is My Mission? By Matías De Stefano

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The question today in the mouth of everyone, from children to seniors, is “What is my mission?”

It’s been a dilemma for humanity since its inception.

What is the purpose of my life? What role do I fulfill in the whole of humanity? What importance do I have in this universe, even though I’m so small?

We all have a purpose… every seed, bird, animal, every human, every cell and star have a purpose for which they exist. The existence itself is a purpose: the movement. And we should never stop. Our nature needs this, because even our dreams drive us when we stand still.

The existence itself is a purpose: the movement. And we should never stop. Our nature needs this, because even our dreams drive us when we stand still

However, the mission is not a job to fulfill that requires great effort. Since the capitalist or communist society struggles to understand how someone can survive without a lot of effort and sweat, they will critique or punish those who are happy using their skills to fulfil their life mission. Deep down we know the sweat and effort came in the learning of the tools and skills but our life purpose will not require sweat, only the joy of doing it.

What are those tools? There are two types: the Positives and the Negatives. Both will help us.

The Positives are what we are good at: our hobbies, our genetic predisposition, our ideas, as crazy as they are, will lead us towards our individual purpose. We have to listen to our gifts; they are the way to our self-realization. The Positives position you in a flexible level of evolution, in which you are aware that everything that happens is preparing you for that function you have come to perform. You are attentive, and willing to these situations.

The Negatives are our karma, the things we face that dislike us, like when we find ourselves working without purpose, or in environments with people who devalue or despise us, or if we suffer through a life filled with constant losses or separations.

All these short-term negative aspects are positive in the long term. It’s what we call preparation. Being in ugly situations makes us fit to face the adversities of our mission. Similarly, the butterfly would not fly if it had not developed the strength by first breaking out of the cocoon.

So… how do I fulfill my mission?

Actually, the mission is fulfilled very easily: by living.

Our biggest advantage, unlike yesterday, is that we know there is a mission we have agreed to fulfill. Most people did not know this before, and if they completed their mission, they did it unconsciously. Now we are conscious of the mission, and conscious there is a mission.

No matter what our mission is, the important thing is to be attentive to the signs that lead us to completion. Think very well the following… there are many who are connecting to Source or who are already connected between 5 years of age and 20 years, who already know what their mission is. What they don’t know is that it will begin to materialize alongside you when you’re 45 or 60 years old. Meanwhile, they are frustrated with life itself and enter anger or melancholy because they do not have all the support and knowledge of this process that you have.

So tell them this: We don’t live to fulfill our mission… our mission is to live. Enjoy every moment of life, being aware that movement in our lives is a crucial component. Don’t stop to observe and seek the purpose of your life; just live, stay tuned, and the purpose will be there.

Keep insisting:

“… we don’t live for our mission, our mission is to live…

… don’t seek the purpose of your life, find it in living…”

Matias De Stefano’s show “Initiation” is currently showing on

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