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Nature’s Secret Other Set of Rules. Interview with Sheevaun Moran

Nature’s Secret Other Set of Rules. Interview with Sheevaun Moran

Jack Canfield himself said Sheevaun Moran “is very talented, clear and results-driven” and is referred to as a “spiritual warrior for business success and growth.” –Editor

You seem to draw people who are wanting to switch from a corporate job to a holistic practitioner of some kind. People who have had some level of success in their job or life, have also been sensitive their whole life, and they’ve had unique unexplained experiences, maybe even mystical things happened, but they’re not looking to become a healer, per se come to me looking for a solution. They’re looking for a bridge between present day reality and how to live their life and know what to do when things come up. Sometimes people try to get all this information from a reader, like “you’re so sensitive and empathic…” but the question really is, “What do you do about it while living and growing into your new “whole” self?” We solve that question.

Are you talking about a mid-life crisis? Not exactly, this could happen at 19 years old, or at 32, 42, 75. They’ve had a significant challenge—even a trauma or a great loss—that caused them to question the way they go on. They don’t look at things the same anymore, and money doesn’t work for them the same way. They want to tap their deeper resources but not at the same price.

How do you do that? We have a range of techniques and in fact a whole technology and a “How to” guide of what this stuff is, what it means, how to get ahead in a new way.  We teach people how to be empowered using that in their everyday life.

What is your approach? With learning to code early in life and corporate background, I have a more grounded approach than many people in this industry. Most schools and teachings teach from their own perspective. I could do that, but I would actually rather teach them from their own experiences. I open people to their own miracles in their own language in their own way, so that their soul can be here doing what it’s supposed to do, while having a great income. It should never be about the teacher’s language. In the client’s language it will be a hundred thousand times more powerful.

What are most of your clients surprised by? The actual rules! Society teaches that “if you follow all these rules, you’ll get this,” but it’s not true. Nature actually has a whole other set of laws and rules. I teach you how to use the laws of nature so you can experience the full “wheel” of spiritual/emotional/physical/mental/financial/relational. They haven’t found anyone else that brings that into a “wholistic” package.

Why is your company called Energy Mastery? Because it’s all energy. If we embody the truth of energy and its abilities and how it works in our brain and in our job and how to move it, the pieces of the puzzle for prosperity and abundance are integrated.

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