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Naturopathic Holistic Healing and Its Pathways To Help You Achieve Better Health

Naturopathic Holistic Healing and Its Pathways To Help You Achieve Better Health

By Dr. Corinna Ferrandino

This may be a mystery to you. There are naturopathic holistic pathways of health to help heal our body naturally. You might be thinking “Huh?” Well, let me share some information on this and hopefully enlighten you of natural healing opportunities, homeopathic holistic healing, applied kinesiology, and detoxification.

Our body can heal naturally. It uses its own energy and innate healing power to do so. Most people today carry, unbeknownst to them, either some acute or chronic imbalances in their body, in their cells, and in their DNA.

These may be hereditary. It could also be caused by improper diet, which may not be optimal for our body, such as unhealthy fats, too much sugar, or other harmful ingredients. Or a cause could be an exposure to toxins through the environment, by food, water, emotional-mental stresses with repressed and unprocessed emotions, and stressful lifestyle.

These different forms of stresses create blockages in our body. These blockages are found first in our energy field, such as the aura, chakras, energy meridians, and acupressure points. Then blockages show up in our body and cells, and ultimately our DNA, which lowers our immune system.

These blockages may present themselves in many different kinds of symptoms, such as pain, dysfunction of difference organs, sluggish digestion, tiredness, lack of energy, foggy slowed thinking,  allergies, and the inability to go to sleep or get up in the morning.

Our vital energy, that is naturally designed to heal and release these imbalances, is overwhelmed with all these external and internal influences. In order to recreate balance and harmony in our body, it needs help.

Naturopathic holistic modalities such as homeopathy, applied kinesiology, and detoxification are powerful allies for the body to help it in its natural process to regain its natural state and balance.

Applied Kinesiology  is an ancient method and a natural, noninvasive holistic approach used by a practitioner. The practitioner assess the body on the physical, biochemical, mental-emotional, and energetic levels to detect these imbalances and to correct them.

For example, Applied Kinesiology can detect specific deficiencies in our diet such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It can assess and determine which supplements we need, what specific dose is required, and for how long they are needed.

Along with all of this, it can also detect specific toxicities in our body such as heavy metals, candida overgrowth, or parasites. Through this ancient method our neurotransmitters of the brain and our hormones can be rebalanced.

Applied Kinesiology can address a large variety of health issues such as a weak immune system, food sensitivities, allergies, challenges with digestion, leaky gut, sugar metabolism, adrenal burnout, insomnia, headaches, pain, inflammation, brain health, cardiovascular health and nerve blockages.

Once blockages have been removed and the body is place into an optimal environment, the body can heal.

In today’s environment our body accumulates toxins, and has been since we were born. Our body is overwhelmed in releasing these toxins. An IonCleanse Detoxification foot bath is a powerful ally for the body to assist and help in this process. The soles of the feet are used as a “third kidney”, where positive and negative ions can travel inside the body, bind to toxins, and release them gently through our feet. One treatment will release as much as one year of toxin accumulation.

Homeopathy is the third and also very important part of naturopathic holistic pathway of healing. This method of healing is over 200 years old  and is based on the doctrine of Hahnemann, that like cures like. It is an energy medicine and wonderment of healing that specifically helps the vital force, to heal any acute or chronic health condition. This healing occurs on a cellular level and in the DNA.

Homeopathy also helps heal the soul. As this pathway is holistic, much more than just a specific symptom of a  health condition will be addressed. The naturopathic holistic pathway of healing honors and embraces the uniqueness of each person to be healed and brings about health and wellness on much deeper levels.

I wanted to share an experience a person from my family had with trying out a naturopathic holistic healing, and how it has helped her. To say the least, she was surprised with the outcome. In about three months of treatment she acknowledged the success of lowering her blood pressure, found a consistent way to control anger, learned how to become upset less easily, released the feeling of being in constant anxiety, and daytime sleepiness, all being healed.

What we found was that she needed three different homeopathic remedies and a total of five months of detoxification. She still continued the detoxification for the total five months, and the remedies got checked  on a regular basis. What she admitted is that she feels healed now.

And this is just one example.

What a wonderment it is to know that it is possible for anyone to be able to heal in 3 to 5 months. It is possible for everyone to bring about better health, and to make better choices for a wondrous life.

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