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We Need More than Clichés to Navigate Wellness, by Michel Pascal 

We Need More than Clichés to Navigate Wellness, by Michel Pascal 

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   When over 50 Million people lose their jobs, are unable to pay rent and credit cards, how can we say, ”My friend, you need to take a deep breath every day for a few minutes… to wake up your enlightenment?” 

    Because when we lose our job, and we are so preoccupied, tired, unable to concentrate: how is it possible to make extra effort? When the consequence of this virus is that we can be homeless soon, how can we say, ”You have the power of God within you, you are loved, you must develop gratitude, resilience, you must be present, etc…”   

We need to keep the precious nectar of our ancient masters, but totally readapted to our world

    The time to give wellness tips, advice, exercises is totally over. What can we do now? How can we calm our mind? How can we feel better immediately, with no effort?

    We don’t need more gurus, more tips, more experts in wellness, storytelling, spiritual blah blah. We don’t need more syndrome of Jesus, of Buddha, etc…

    We don’t need more.
    We need less.

    We need silence.
    We need calmness.
    We need to become the guru of our own life.
    We need to go to our inner desert, especially in our chaotic world.

    Spirituality must be recreated efficiently, with no effort, no concentration, no breath exercises. Especially when we are under a huge daily pressure, how can we make more effort?

    All together, we must develop a new spiritual way. We cannot copy & paste an old map in our new world, so difficult. We need to keep the precious nectar of our ancient masters, but totally readapted to our world.

    This is what we have developed over the last 5 years for the prisoners of Los Angeles at Amity Foundation, with 100% positive response. We have found that extreme situations call for building stronger inner monasteries, or Refuge, as we say in Buddhism.

    We now have severe recession and depression, and suicide hotline calls have increased 300%. More than ever we need the tools to develop our interior life, inner spiritual space, divine happiness, invincible happiness. When we build our own monastery, our own inner garden, we open our heart and our very cells to the divine energy, to a quality of peace that is not just human but divine.

    When we feel this junction between Divine and Human, we enter in an invincible peace, calmness, because we see beyond the waves, beyond the tsunami of recession, depression.

    It’s a spirituality that is concrete.

    It prepares us for when things get worse.

    It is far from the wellness clichés. It is real and it is now.

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