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To the Newly Awakened: I See You, by Shawna Epps

To the Newly Awakened: I See You, by Shawna Epps

shawna epps

Visit Shine Your Heart at 324 Elm St in Downtown Long Beach or visit

    There is an activation happening globally—the beginning of the Great Awakening—which has all kinds of message for me in it. Do you feel the same?

    I know that my purpose here is to hold space for the newly awakened and teach them the basics about spiritual growth. Holding space in the spiritual sense—which all good healers and guides do—and in the actual physical sense in the form of my healing center in Downtown Long Beach. (Welcome!)

    In fact, I started receiving messages last year about what 2020 held all the way through 2022, and it’s this: a real churning of the garden. It’s essential to upturn the dirt, bring up the roots and weed the garden so new flowers can be planted. 

    Is this your take too?

    When I had my first spiritual awakening in 2008 and then another big one in 2011 into 2012, I soon went through an intense Dark Night of the Soul where I had no idea what was happening to me except in hindsight, I could see massive growth spurts. 

    There was no one in my life I could really talk to about this sort of thing. One morning I remember waking up angry, feeling lost and depressed and screaming at anyone who would listen, asking why I was here!  I sat down to have my coffee and opened a magazine on the counter and immediately saw a response that was my answer. 

    If you’ve ever asked (or yelled at!) the Universe and got an answer in the form of a song lyric, a quote from a book or even a message from someone, you know that’s one of your guides communicating with you, or even your Higher Self. For me, there’s a certain vibration that rolls through me; a confirmation that’s undeniable. That was the beginning of conscious communication with my guides. They started with numbers and synchronicities but after years of practice, their communication comes in many more forms.

    Since that time, I have been given more and more information in the form of downloads on what my purpose is and how I could serve the collective. Like when you toss a stone into a pond creating rings, I was told there would be more awakened souls with each wave, and that I would be able to help guide them on their path in these new and interesting times. 

    It’s important to understand that each soul is right on time in when and how they awaken. Those of us who have been navigating our journey and learning our lessons for years—frequently alone—chose to come in and awaken first to learn how to heal, use our tools so we could teach others what we have been mastering. 

    Our Galactic Family is gathered around us, cheering us on. There is much light here and more is coming to assist all the Lightworkers and Starseeds in a gentle way. Never has there been a better and more exciting time to be incarnated on Earth.

    I invite you to visit Shine Your Heart at 324 Elm St in Downtown Long Beach or visit and see if our offerings match your path and resonate with your purpose. I know mine is to hold others in the light with love while they acclimate to their awakening with the tools, I can teach them how to use, and I look forward to meeting you.

Peace be with you all on this beautiful, journey back to yourself.

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