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Note from the Publisher February-March 2020

Note from the Publisher February-March 2020

Scott Ware

Scott Ware

Radiance Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

One of the best ideas I had recently – channeled, like all the best ones – was to send two of Radiance’s

Associate Editors, Gina Kegel and Crista Marie Miller, up the Sacred Mountain of Idyllwild to interview shaman and healer Patricia Garza Pinto. Mostly, the assignment was to gather content for Patricia’s cover story, but mainly to better experience her special one-on-one lifestyle coaching (energy healing, ceremony, healthy cooking for your body type, core workouts, communing with nature) so they could properly report it to you (page 34).

The whole notion of The Spiritual Renaissance was similarly inspired – I realized we’ve already been living it! Radiance readers in particular are experiencing more spiritual life events like personal revelations and life shifts, increased feelings of connectedness, etc., while noting that the non-awake people around us seem to be isolating themselves further, even doubling-down on their linear fear-based positions. We might even feel a little judgment about that (Love Love Love!), until we remember it’s all perfect and it’s simply our job to not get distracted from anything that takes us away from our joy so we can remember Who We Really Are.

Do you know what the number one ingredient for a Spiritual Renaissance is? Love, which is also the absence of fear and judgment. You’re encouraged to feel love for yourself from the reflective connections of like-hearted people, and that’s in abundance if you’re vibrating that and attracting the same.

Some people know this and live it; some people are afraid to commit to the idea (on the fence), and others are dug in for the contrast. This next statement is for the fence-sitters:

If you want an absolute experience of unconditional love in the next 24 hours, call a healer, for they cannot even begin a session without bringing in the loving energy for you 100%. When’s the last time someone held such space for you?

The beauty and richness of the Spiritual Renaissance is on grand display

So for those with an open heart and eyes to see, the beauty and richness of a Spiritual Renaissance where people loving each other in all the ways is on grand display. Starting with the work you’ve done on yourself, the progress you’ve made on your triggers, the love you’ve shared more than in the past, the healings you’ve experienced, the difference you’ve made with other souls, the knowing that the best is yet to come because you’re standing more in your power every day, your heart opening and your soul expanding, your mind balancing with more calmness as you understand the shadow will do what it does while you move into ever more radiant light… you have the knowing that you incarnated at this time on purpose because you, the Universe, desired to experience itself as You.

I love what Dr. Barbara Condron said: “Spiritual Renaissance is a new way of thinking where education is bringing forth what the soul knows… where impassioned service for our neighbor replaces greed and the lust for power… where the truths of both science and religion unite to reveal the universal laws of creation… where the cosmic consciousness of the Buddha, the Christ, and all Enlightened beings who have walked the earth becomes our ideal… living in a better world will require self-awareness and self-discipline.”

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