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Note from the Publisher September – October 2019

Note from the Publisher September – October 2019

Are you experienced?

That’s what we’ll be asking readers as they explore and enjoy the various Radiance Experiences found in these pages and offered throughout Southern California in the healing rooms and offices of these Experience Experts.

In case you hadn’t noticed, these are different from other kinds of amusement park rides experiences.

With a Radiance Experience, an Experience Expert delivers a one-of-a-kind one-one-one session in their office that might physically vibrate all of your atoms—I’m thinking of The Vibra-Acoustic Experience—or radically shift your reality into wider expansion and self-understanding via The Deep Reveal or the Revelation Staycation, to name a few of these mind-blowing adventures.

People report epiphanies and life shifts that helped free them up mentally and emotionally to act on projects, decisions or dreams they had put off. You don’t get that from a roller coaster!

These premium experiences are not soon forgotten, and experience-seekers frequently come back for more. Try a few and let us know your experience using the Contact page.

The Ware With All podcast. Who in the podcast world is having conversations with professional intuitives to unlock their secrets and demystify what they do? Who was getting past the hype and “spookiness” of talking to the spirits of our loved ones who have passed while demanding proof that I’m actually talking to my aunt? Aside from the really “far out” and the skeptical messengers, there’s not too much out there for the everyday person who is curious as to how this all benefits their wellness, so I created The Ware With All podcast to interview these experts. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Anchor, and everywhere podcasts can be found.

By the way, the wellness experts inside these pages wrote some excellent articles for your enlightenment as well. What else would you expect from a magazine called Radiance?

To Your Mind, Your Body, and Wholly Your Spirit,

Scott Ware

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