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Note from the Publisher April-May-June 2020: “Who Are We in the Face Of?”

Note from the Publisher April-May-June 2020: “Who Are We in the Face Of?”

Scott Ware
Scott Ware

Radiance Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

    A month before the coronavirus dominated the news, we told our contributors the theme for this issue: “You Are God in Form.” 

    What did that mean? And should we keep it or toss it in favor of dealing with the fear and uncertainty of Covid 19? Or do both?

    We were no strangers to strong themes: the Feb-Mar issue’s The Spiritual Renaissance is Here – Are You In? was based on if you had an open heart and eyes to see, a spiritual renaissance is all around you, actually: holistic healers readily available to hold space; classes on expanding your intuitive abilities abound online and at spiritual centers; intuitive readers (astrology, akashic, tarot, etc.), are giving extremely accurate information about your life; and anyone who’s even a little awake to their soul journey can feel the energy of the huge numbers of people moving rapidly towards their own awakening…

    And then the virus hit, and we learned even more about ourselves.

    But now I’m Source/Spirit/God/the Universe? Yes, and it matters more than ever:

  • If we create our own reality (we do)
  • If we meditate and get to Oneness
  • If we connect to nature or utilize plant medicine for a deeper connection to our essence
  • If we shadow-work through our traumas for greater freedom
  • If we know that the person reading this sentence is being observed by someone else within us, and there is an observer also watching them – all You, of course (keep going back with that one and you’ll reach Oneness in seconds…)
  • If we understand we chose this particular Earthly incarnation and even our own parents and siblings and partners (whom we tend to travel with in soul monads) 
  • If we know that EVERYTHING that happens is for our highest and best good (that can be a tough one) 
  • If we never die, even though our physical bodies do, but energy never does (science)
  • That we are co-creators in all of this
  • Because we are One (do you see how it all loops in a spiritual logic?)
  • I am you and you are me – WE are the creators…
  • …which means in Oneness that YOU are the Creator, God.

    The answers to questions like “Why did this happen?” come down to this: which answer empowers you? So the theme turned out to be very relevant. 


    Scott Ware


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