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Note from the Publisher August-September: What the Quarantine Allowed

Note from the Publisher August-September: What the Quarantine Allowed

Scott Ware
Scott Ware

Radiance Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

    I’m curious what you discovered about yourself during the quarantine.

    Not only what you learned, but what did you create for yourself that was unplanned, and probably unprecedented in your life?

    When I asked this question in The Radiance Experience Facebook group, the answers were inspiring, to say the least.  

    One person lost her husband and mother to cancer during this period. She discovered an inner strength she didn’t know she had and learned to trust the journey… another learned how the wealthy were just as vulnerable as anyone. She also learned to set new boundaries and to only do things that brought her joy.  

    I discovered I could stay calm and discerning by not absorbing dense information that was disempowering. “How does this serve me?” has become a helpful filter. 

    I also saw how much more I had to learn about racism, and how very different the experience is for black lives versus white lives in this country. Americans have the opportunity to stop ignoring what’s been out of alignment with our collective soul and start being and acting like the ONE PEOPLE we claim to be. It’s never too late to open our hearts and love everyone equally, because they are you, and they are me. 

    Actually, there is no “they” at all. Welcome to 2020, without blinders. 

    Namaste, Scott Ware, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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