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NOW IS THE TIME, by Phyllis Douglass

It took me a bit of time to recognize it as the most extraordinary gift I’ve ever received!

What many people have discovered in this time of great change, is that there has been a loss of the structure we’ve created in our day to day activities, that had kept us in a sense of being aligned with a path and purpose. A structure that created a sense of stability. Many people are thus discovering that what had previously occupied their lives before it came to a purposeful stop, had been actually consuming their lives and drawing them further and further away from their true path and purpose. What really drives our passion for living and creating the life we are wanting hadn’t existed for a long time. Being forced to spend time with our thoughts, and sometimes even experiencing fear and anxiety for our new circumstances, has served to bring us closer to a truth that may feel extremely uncomfortable. Seeing things change all around us and the secretiveness of the unknown is challenging if we are unable to find ways to settle in and become centered in the present moment. The world is changing and we are needing to change along with it, but the beauty of the entire scenario is that we are powerful and creative beings. Our ability to feel and express love, our imagination, and our ability to pinpoint our focus of attention, empowers us to make new decisions, change our perspective, and thereby change the trajectory of our lives.

What has really driven me forward during this COVID-19 lockdown, is that having to temporarily close my practice initially left me with a deep sense of loss. It was energetically speaking, a death of sorts. And with the loss came a feeling of emptiness, a deep void had appeared. It took me a bit of time to recognize it as the most extraordinary gift I’ve ever received!

It challenged me to look at things differently. It challenged me to figure out what changes needed to take place for me to move forward. It showed me that many things I had previously been doing were only meaningless filler for unfulfilled moments. Those things you do because you feel it’s expected of you, or to keep you busy and away from the thoughts that are trying to capture your attention. Those slippery thoughts and incessant whispers telling you there is more discovery and more exploration that needs to take place, within the rise of a new world and new way of being.

Now is the time to make more time to sit in stillness and meditation, embark upon creative endeavors, to rest, play Phyliss Douglass meditates with hands in prayer positionand exercise, and to spend quality time with our loved ones. Now is the time to recognize our dreams, and pull those past desires off the back burner into the present. Now is the time to contemplate the structure of our lives, and acknowledge what makes us happy—and what doesn’t. Now is the time to shore up any wonky bricks that make up our foundation, and begin to find new and better ways and materials to build ourselves up to be higher and brighter than ever before. And now is the time to acknowledge that the beauty we recognize within others, first and foremost resides within ourselves.


Phyllis Douglass is an Author, Shaman Seer Sage, Spiritual Conduit, and Vocalist who performs and records Spiritual Alchemy Music.

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