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Oracle Cards that Coax Your Inner Wisdom, by Charlene Maguire

Oracle Cards that Coax Your Inner Wisdom, by Charlene Maguire

Connect with Charlene through her website:

The Language of Art Academy

    I’d always wanted to create a deck of oracle cards, but it wasn’t until I was struggling with one of those big life challenges that I finally allowed Source to come through.

      Loud and clear, I should add. I was “directed” to use my artistic and writing skills to create an oracle deck called The Language of Heart Alchemy

    What I didn’t know was that not only was it going to allow me to give deep profound readings, but this deck helps people realize their own intuitive language.

    Let me back up: I was obviously the first person to learn my own language from the deck. Through the process of creating the paintings, the card and box design, and writing the descriptions, I listened to what the paint wanted to say; how the colors and shapes want to be used; what words want to be spoken; and how all this wants to speak through me and be made into oracle cards that can change people’s lives.

     How does it work? The Language of Heart Alchemy deck functions as a translator for other people’s intuition. When I do an individual reading, I tune into them and allow the energies to reveal themselves to me; symbols, metaphors, images, sounds, words, frequencies, and feelings come through, allowing us – you and I, perhaps – to play with the wisdom the cards are indicating.

    It’s quite a delicious experience, and it’s something you’ll have fun learning.

    If you’re an empath, you’re already halfway there, and you may already be a bit of an oracle yourself. “Oracles” exist as a means to receive and facilitate wisdom and guidance from Source, almost like getting a phone call. What is your intention when you go to either one? To communicate

    The phone, an intuitive reader, or a deck of oracle cards don’t so much tell you “your fortune” as they facilitate a fascinating dialogue. Your treasure comes from the journey of disseminating the wisdom. 

    I like to show people that Oracle cards are a system of communication. When you work with any intuitive card reader, you’ll learn to trust your own system of language as it comes through — the symbols, metaphors, and nudges that show up to help guide you and highlight the treasure. You’ll be able to better navigate through and translate your dominant energy in the moment, and then an alchemy of personal mastery starts to develop.

    Are you finding there’s a need to transform how you think regarding your choices in life right now? Drop me a note and we can talk about uncovering a navigation system you already have inside you. Instruments of energetic dialogue like oracle cards can help track the energy of your intentions, so you can take the next right action in your life. When the big picture seems overwhelming, there is a quiet power in taking the time to become deeply present, tune in, pull a card, and ask what is in motion for you right now. When you learn your own intuitive language, you co-create with the conscious universe around you.

The first five people to respond to and mention “Radiance” in their email will receive 20% off a reading with me and will be entered into a drawing to win a Language of Heart Alchemy Oracle Card deck (winner will be chosen October 1, 2020).


Charlene is a modern day shapeshifter. She moves energy through playfulness, paint, singing, digital design, yogic breath and movement, astrology, energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, and her creative intuition. Connect with her through her website:

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