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Out of Balance and Still Breathing

Out of Balance and Still Breathing

Healing is All About Alignment

Atma Namaste.

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I firmly believe any disease is caused by a lack of balance.

Sometimes you can literally see this lack of balance just by looking in the mirror.

When you look at yourself, does the reflection speak to you of stress, tiredness, trauma or even disease?

If so, the message is clear: You are out of balance.

The interesting thing is we don’t notice this very often because being out of balance is considered normal.

You can see it all around you. In this culture of consumerism and electronic “friendship” (with our personal devices), many of us are seriously disconnected and becoming more so every day. It shows in our stress levels, over-consumption and other unhealthy, out-of-balance behaviors.
We think we’re so connected on “social” media, but how real is that? And why do we feel so lonely when we have so many “friends?” We text-message each other but are the heart’s needs being met in that electronic exchange?

We tend to allow our T.V.’s, computers, the media and other electronic addictions keep us from that all-important silent time we need to nurture our soul and connect with our divine spark, that higher self that truly informs us.

The “system” convinces us that we must abide by rules the powers that be make up, and that we must work hard inside of that system to survive—even if it means overworking ourselves/to the point of disease. (It’s interesting to know that there’s even an official disease in Japan called karoshi, which means “death by work.”)

The word thrive doesn’t come up much.

I’ve come to see and experience that it really all comes down to only a few concepts: balance, healing and alignment, which are very much the same thing.

I remember when I looked in the mirror and saw someone dying of cancer (it’s true), I knew I had to de-stress, forgive, grieve and get the trauma out quickly to heal my body.

When you’re out of balance, and if you’re still breathing, you’re still in the hopeful process of achieving balance. Thankfully, I was, and in seeing that reflection, put me on the forever-interesting journey of healing. Layers of myself came into balance, and in greater alignment with my divine self. The bonus is that when you heal yourself, you heal the world too, one influential person at a time. It is a wondrous journey.

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