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An interview with Brad and Kasey Speer-Wallis, and the consciousness known as Julis, channeled by Kaser through most of this interview.

Brad, when you had an accident with a brain injury and went into a coma, an entity named Julius came to you, showed you unconditional love and asked if you wanted to come back. You woke up from your coma to find out that Kasey, who was already a channel, was now channeling Julius. You can tune in also, and for the last 10 years you’ve both been teaching workshops and giving readings that have helped a lot of people thrive in their lives. You actually then started a TV network to get Julius’ word out there until Julius told you it was also to get other channel’s and practitioner’s message to everyone – the light workers and the wayshowers who are making a positive difference in the world now have a reasonable way to get in front of many more people. Do I have the story? BRAD: Yeah, you’ve pretty well covered everything in a nutshell. KASEY: I want to say Julius is a great fan of human beings and the human experience. They (Julius) know how relevant this experience is in expanding Source and that we have lost sight of honoring ourselves properly on our journey, that there’s pain instilled upon us by some force outside of us. And so, Julius is here to assist everybody back to their knowing that they are God and unleash everybody’s superpowers and get out of all this limitation and pain and suffering and enjoy this physical realm for how we designed it, which is to just play and enjoy.

You talk often about an altered ego state. What’s our ego problem? Emotions of fear, anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, judgment, lack, anything that most human beings would say are bad emotions. We don’t like to use that because that’s a judgment. Feeling depressed, anxious, full of anxiety, paranoia, fear, all of those things. Your emotions are coming from your alter ego, easily identified. If you really just take a moment and decipher how you’re feeling. You’re going to be able to tell that you are pulling from your Alter Ego state.

The great thing here, master, is you have the ability to choose differently, in any given moment, you can choose to pull any emotion from your soul which would be positive or love based or on limited potential for love, master. It’s where creative thought comes from all possible thought. And if you hold yourself more consistently in that perspective, what you will see and what you will feel and what you can create from is going to be far more than what you have done before you’re going to get crazy ideas.

Why is this so hard to circumvent? You’re so locked into your own truth that you can’t even fathom another possibility. That’s what we state is ignorance that is broad spread. That’s not a judgment. But you can change that simply by having a desire to see more of you come out of ignorance.

So, let’s say I want to change something in my life, without changing certain other things I like. Can I be comfortable and still get the desired changes? So, the first thing we will tell you it is impossible to change anything without everything changing because your life is interlinked. We recommend picking something small to start with. Something that you would be okay with changing and start focusing on that. That’s going to naturally cause a bump in everything else, but not so much that it’s going to scare the hell out of you. That’s good news. But it will nudge everything enough to make you notice coincidence happening, and we say, well, there are no coincidences.

Now, for the Masters out there who have been on a spiritual journey, this can be a chaotic time, we want to make mention of this because even though everybody has been very enthusiastic about this energy, this can feel like a tsunami to people and they’re trying to grab on to a railing, you know, to find stability. We also recommend that there’s time to integrate this energy. So for people experiencing these quantum fields of energy, you must take time to grow yourself, you must take time to be well with your vehicle, your body, your environment, the company that you keep, because in as much as you’re going to want to jump in to this chaos, to access the thought possibility of it, In fact, there are a lot of practices that we encourage everybody to get in alignment with.

Let’s say we shut off the Netflix once in a while, put our phone in the other room, light a candle maybe… what questions should we be asking ourselves? You should be asking yourself, Master, what brings me joy? What is the thing that brings me joy and who is the person that brings me joy?

We should be selfish? You are God, Master, and all is God. It has been a limited teaching for you to ever perceive that loving yourself is a selfish act. It is the selfish act of knowing yourself and loving yourself that allows you to truly love another for you cannot give someone else what you do not know yourself. This is where true compassion is launched. When you love yourself and you know yourself, then as the All, you of course would never harm any fractionalized version of yourself, you would nurture it, you would take care of it, you would share with it, you would expand it, you wouldn’t cut it off.

Bolster yourselves up, Masters, because when you come to the knowing that you are choosing everything that means that you have the power to change everything

So when I’m looking in the mirror at myself, what should they be saying? I see my light. I am not the vehicle; I am the light within the vehicle. I am God pretending to be a human and playing pretend is fun and playing pretend is something that I get to govern. Bolster yourselves up, Masters, because when you come to the knowing that you are choosing everything, that means that you have the power to change everything.

Are you an alien? Well, Master, aliens are just something you do not have a relatable knowing of. We would say all of you are aliens because we are all light beings, just wearing different costumes. You would only perceive another to be an alien if you are relating to them as the costume that they were not from the source light that they are. So we say we are you in the light and a high-vibrating version that you authentically are. And we hope that you perceive us that way.

You’ve been calling me Master throughout this interview, and yet you seem much wiser than me. I don’t understand that. Now you are the master of your reality. That is a truth; you govern and create your experience masterfully, based on your level of consciousness, and we would never perceive you as anything less than God.

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