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Peace in the Arms of the Infinite, by Alan McElroy

Peace in the Arms of the Infinite, by Alan McElroy

Alan McElroy

Alan is a writer and supervising producer on the CBS All-Access series Star Trek: Discovery.

I have sought throughout my fiction writing life to bridge the gap between the vastness of the universe and my belief in God and Jesus. Science and God are not adversaries, but allies in the truth of all that exists, how the universe came to be, and how it continues to grow and change, revealing its mysteries which each passing day.

I’ve come to believe that there is peace to be found in the arms of the infinite, a voice of calmness the Universe provides that we all desperately seek to hear, an actual frequency that pervades the entirety of the known and unknown.

In some scientific circles it’s been dubbed “The Hubble Constant,” which can be described as the “frequency” of the universe, or 1/time. That is to say, 1 / (projected ‘age’ of our universe or 4.3547 x 10^17 seconds) gives us a universe that vibrates at a “frequency” of 2.2963 x 10^-18 Hz.” — Google.

That’s technical description for something that provides us all with great comfort when we connect with it. 

Consider that every molecule, atom, particle, and wave-form in existence is in constant motion, vibrating at its own specific frequency. All are interactive and responding to these energy frequencies because they/we are all connected. We may see ourselves as individuals, but we are part of a “uni” verse meaning one.

This is why we frequently look to the stars in science fiction – we are inherently looking for something larger than ourselves. We do not want to be alone. We do not want to be disconnected. We are searching and listening for that hum, that vibration, that universal frequency that connects us to our deepest and truest selves. 

We seek synchronization with it, because then we feel whole, seen and realized, and within that truth comes a feeling of rejuvenation and inner purification from the human fears that can destroy us. 

I have found that kind of synchronization in being a Christian, and I feel that frequency to be the voice of the Holy Spirit. I seek to connect with its Truth and to see the countenance of God. Because, as it is written, “…now I only see in part, but one day I will see fully, as I will be fully known…” Until that day I will connect through that frequency; synchronicity and holiness I find in prayer. God strums the cords of infinity and I seek daily to be in tune, to connect, to be in sync. Because that truth can be defined by a single word, the purest thought, the purest choice, the purest emotion at the core of all things and that encompasses all things – that word is Love. Love is the frequency of the universe, the frequency of wellness, the frequency of Life echoing across All of Creation. I write, I search, I seek and one day hope to know fully… as I will be fully known. 

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