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Phyliss Douglass laughs and plays a ceremonial hand drum

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Phyllis Douglass is a talented channel of not just angelic messages, she has also developed her voice into a beautiful healing instrument of the angels. People swoon during her performances, some of which can be accessed on her site,

You are a direct conduit with Source, and have even channeled God in this issue of Radiance with a special essay. But your perhaps best known for your beautiful voice as the performer Vox Angelus. What is happening between your relationship with the audience? The best way to explain it is I am an angelic. So when I was born, I never lost that connection to the angelic realm. I’ve always been connected, and I’ve always had that relationship that has grown and expanded as I got older. When I became more consciously aware of what’s going on in the world, I shut much of that down until I had a conscious reawakening.

Around 2007, the Angels told me I was going to be singing and speaking with my clients in my Angelical Language!

It’s frequency based, which I didn’t fully understand at the time, but people reacted to it in beneficial ways, and had healing responses. It has to do with resonance and altering a person’s frequencies. I then had an experience in Sedona where I actually went up to the angelic realm and left my body during a spiritual workshop, I was on the healing table. The instructor said she felt called to do a Halo Activation and I just left my body! I went up and I was surrounded by these angelic beings who were speaking in their frequency-based language, as was I. When I came back, she said she had been shaking my leg, trying to bring me back for quite a while. I came back speaking in the angelic language, and I actually couldn’t speak English for 7 ½ hours. She said, “It will come back, don’t worry!” I could hear and understand English in my head, but the responses that came out of me were the angelic language. Ever since then, I’ve been able to communicate with the angels for my clients.

And that’s where you clients’ messages are coming from then? Yes, and the angels told me I needed to acknowledge within myself that I was communicating with God directly. “Because we, the angelic realm, are only intermediaries.” I did have a little insecurity about it that came from my religious upbringing that I had to get over. It’s been a process of spiritual evolution for me.

A message from God.

Can you tell me what some of those messages from God that was meant for you? You know, everybody is going through a shift in consciousness – humanity is ascending as well as the planet – it’s really about integrating the higher vibrations and frequencies. Ascension is not about leaving the physical body, it’s transitioning to a different form – a luminous being.

Right, we’re staying here. Yes, we’re being allowed to ascend in physical form. It’s our true essential form that’s anchoring down in our body, the spiritual essence. We’re losing our human identity and we’re gaining our true understanding of our spiritual aspects.

So because our identity is usually constructed out of fear of doing the wrong thing with others, not wanting to risk looking stupid to other people, and so we concoct a personality that pleases others. Getting rid of that phony aspect frees us so much, but how can we do this gracefully? When our human aspects come forward such as old stories and narratives, old beliefs, energies and ideas we’ve unconsciously taken ownership of that really never belonged to us. They belong to our parents, our teachers, our clergy or whomever has had influence in our lives. I always try to say, “I surrender.”

We have to let go of all those things that aren’t us. Our truth is really that we’re undefinable beings. We are individuations of God. It took me awhile to acknowledge that I Am God having a physical experience, and allow this divine light, energy and information to flow through me and my daily life. There’s no identity. I have a name I was given so people can communicate with me. And I’m a Mother, and a Teacher, and a Massage Therapist and a number of different things that I could ‘identify’ with. But all of those aren’t my identity; they’re simply experiences that I have chosen to undertake in this lifetime.

Sometimes people get stuck in an identity, and it’s the same as getting stuck in a box. And you’re never able to get out of that box to experience more of life.


Yes, I’m not a writer; I’m one who writes. I’m not an interviewer; I’m one who interviews. Right.

What do you cover in the one-on-sessions you offer on your website? I bring in your angels, your guides, your loved ones, your ancestors, and they want to give you information that elevates your frequency so you can move forward from that moment in time to your true purpose. It’s about deeper understanding. It’s about awakening something within you that’s been blocked. Releasing negative patterns or influences from your past or past lifetimes. It’s about bringing energy forward from your ancestors for you to understand and integrate into your life.

Are you using sound to help break through those blocks? When I open up to the quantum field, or Akashic fields, it gives me access to a record of everything you’ve ever experienced in all your lifetimes. This is where the information is pulled from. I’ll bring in spoken guidance from your Angels. Guides, and loved ones who have passed, and the angels will sing to transform negative influences and provide healing.

The Angels always say, “Humans are good at muddying the waters and self-sabotaging what is meant to be simple.”

We must learn to release those things from the past, to live an empowered life.

You’re also an amazing sound performer under the name Vox Angelus. Yes, I use the term “vocal alchemy” because the frequencies flowing through my voice are alchemizing. As I bring in the frequencies there is a weaving that takes place in order to create change.whoever is in the group. Whoever is in the group I’m in front of, I work with the frequencies those people bring in. And if we can bring in another truth that people can recognize, that allows them to change and release their old truth.

You channeled God for this issue of Radiance. Can other people do that too? You know, everybody has that ability. People think we’re separate from God, and we aren’t and never have been. Some people meditate for hours on end, and the angels told me we don’t need to meditate for more than twenty minutes, at most. Five or ten minutes is good, because meditation is really that deep connection and activating and instilling that channel of communication. It’s about being plugged in. Being consciously aware that you are God, that infinite channel. All you need to do is sit down, close your eyes, and say, “Hi God, I’m here to talk…”

Phyliss Douglass meditates with hands in prayer position

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    Hello, I picked up your fantastic magazine and had a brief chat with your team at Conscious Life Expo! I really enjoyed your piece on Vox Angelus, too; this is the type of transformational music that I share with the world thru The B Company. I’d like to connect with an editor to discuss submissions of article ideas, interviews or meditative music reviews. This is one of my current projects:, if you’d like to explore as an example of quality and style. Blessings, – Beth Hilton (310-560-8390