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The Only Place You Want to Be in the Chaos, by Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka

The Only Place You Want to Be in the Chaos, by Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka

In early December 2019, Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, said this live: “We want you to know how important it will be to make decisions in your best discernment… how important it will be for you to remain at the center of the storm, because – if I may use some of your colloquial language – 2020 is going to be nuts. It’s going to be crazy….

“…And it is of paramount importance for you to be at the eye of the storm where it is calm, where peace and solitude reign. Where you may see chaos thundering all around you, it is more important than ever during this pivotal year to be at peace with yourself, and to be centered at the eye of the storm.” 

In his first interview of 2020 with Alexis Brooks of Higher Journeys, Darryl shared this wisdom:

  • What’s going on today cannot be “run away from”
  • If we stay at the center of the storm, and metaphorically at the center of our own being, that’s where we’ll be able to handle everything going on, no matter how chaotic it gets
  • We have to take responsibility for the beliefs we hold that create the reality we experience
  • Lots of times we gloss over those things by saying, “Oh, this is my passion, my excitement” when in fact what they’re doing is acting out of anxiety and fear, but they don’t want to face that
  • Because when we’re honest with ourselves, we DO know the difference between the vibration of excitement and the vibration of anxiety
  • We have to get denial out of the way, we have to be willing to look deeper within ourselves to find out what we do believe to be true – because that can often be an unconscious belief 
  • Only by bringing it into the light of our consciousness can we have the ability to truly understand what the belief is telling us and to be able to let it go if it’s not in alignment
  • Know thyself
  • We can’t change what we’re not responsible for owning
  • We can recognize the difference between Positive and Negative energy
  • Positive energy is collective, integrative, creates expansion, increases the frequency, allows us to see things more holistically 
  • Negative energy is that which disconnects, segregates, separates, lowers the frequency, breaks things down into parts (non-holistically) that can make things harder to manage
  • We never change the world we’re on…
  • We change ourselves and we actually shift to another version of Earth that already exists that’s more reflective of the change we made in us
  • Time and space are illusions; everything exists as the same time
  • We only see what we are tuned to the vibration of to see
  • As we change our ideas, we change our vibrations 
  • We start to see a different world literally because we have shifted our consciousness – our focus – to a different version of Earth that exists simultaneously 
  • We start experiencing, bit by bit, a progression through different versions of Earth; billions of different parallel reality versions 
  • We start perceiving a world that is in alignment with their vibration because of the frequencies they have changed within themselves

Listen to the complete podcast here. Visit and Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

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