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Poetry, from Multidimensional Guide Aaron Pyne

Poetry, from Multidimensional Guide Aaron Pyne

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What a glorious day to be alive!

To smile and breathe in the air and the sun!

To hear birds sing their sweet song while my trillions of cells hum along supporting my experience of life.

Opening my eyes, I see an ocean of beauty spread out before me, reflecting light within me. The Earth, Sun, Moon, stars, and planets dance around me in their cosmic play. Billions of beautiful humans play within their forms and roles all for this grand adventure of life. Countless plants and organisms of endless complexity bring life and endless possibilities.

I have the blessed opportunity to be here, right now, in this human biosuit, participating in this glorious experience. I get to see, taste, touch, hear and smell the expressions of countless forms.

How blessed we are that even when we forget all of this, it never forgets us. Always right there, holding us, loving us, and allowing us to be…

And now I can share this message, this experience, this glory, with friends and family around the world by pressing a few buttons with my fingers! Wow! Incredible! Then! Then!

After that, I have hours and hours to move my biosuit, create, play, love, share, enjoy, and witness all of this! The journey keeps getting better and better! Then to help complete the package, we have no idea when we move out of this experience!

That really helps inspire me to enjoy and make the most of every precious moment. Such a brilliant setup to make sure I receive as much of the blessing as possible during the journey! Wow! Glad I came to visit this world! 🌲🧙🐿🦅🐉

Aaron Pyne is a mystic, healer, teacher, TEDx speaker, artist, designer, and multidimensional guide prepared to assist your master. For more extensive support and further magical training, I am available to be your guide. You can reach out to me and learn more at

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