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Pulling at the Stars

Pulling at the Stars

Reading Deeply Into Your Chart to See Your Life Path

For a scintillating phone reading with Teri Lynn, call her at 1-800-251-3754 or contact her online at You can also email her at:

Teri Lynn Cansee is an internationally known psychic who’s appeared on TV and is a keynote speaker on a myriad of metaphysical issues such as astrology, Tarot and the chakra system. Through years of intense experience and study, Teri Lynn has sharpened and honed her paranormal talents to provide her clients with the most precise and profound readings possible. Her two mixed breed dogs kept us company as we talked in her living room. — Editor

The way you help people is multi-faceted. How would you describe it?

TERI LYNN: I do intuitive, aka psychic readings. When I look at a chart, I’m life coaching, I’m seeing where the obstacles are. I see what the obstacles mean and I see how to unravel them. I see knots and strings, and I can pull them at them to determine direction and to see where things might have gotten garbled up. It helps me divine where they’re not to go and where they might consider going so they can make choice decisions that allow them to move forward with confidence.

How does astrology fit in?

It’s like having the stars’ patterns or charts to review, analyze, assess and determine what’s going on with each person’s life. I’m able to pull at the stars and see them coming together in aspect. I look at Mars aspect to Uranus or how Jupiter is aligning with Saturn and say to myself, “This person is in trouble, they’re not flowing.”

We all get our propensities from our genes, but when you see your stars, those are the propensities you get to work out from the soul level. When you view your chart, you get to see the lessons you’re to learn, you get to see how to play them out in your best interests and in spiritual awareness. Astrology allows me to view several choices available to my clients plus a path that fits them.

Did you always have these abilities?

I remember saying, “Daddy, I can see things.” “No, don’t do that,” he’d say. He said people who do that are “kooks, cons and crazies” and pushed me to go into the corporate world. In his time, many people who did what I do were “gypsy” types people didn’t trust. But I remember asking myself, “What part of life do you want to be a part of?” So I studied all the ascended masters, major religions and many of the popular spiritual paths.

You work with a lot of repeat clients. Why do they come back?

They return for clarity on situations or the need to understand new events. They want to know, “How did I get myself in here?” and “How do I get myself out of here?” Then they want to know, “Where do I go from here?” I first go to the past to validate what actually occurred. “Was this or that happening?” Yes. “Good. Now is this the crossroads I’m seeing?” Yes. “Now let’s see where you get to go….” Basically, I’m able to help guide them on a path that’s not too terribly illuminated for us.

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