You love experiences (movies, theme parks, festivals, concerts)

Now experience more and go deeper with a

  • Mental experience
  • Physical experience
  • Spiritual (if desired) experience
  • Emotional experience

Introducing The Radiance Experience

A one-on-one

One-of-a-kind session

With a trained Experience Expert delivering the experience of a lifetime

Step 1: Choose the Radiance Experience that feels like the right fit for you.

Step 2: Call the number, ask your questions, book it

Step 3: ~ Enjoy the experience session ~

Step 4: Repeat as desired, or try another


Available Radiance Experiences:

Enhanced Calming Experience An Attuned Love Journey Essential Oil Para-Sympathetic Stimulation Vitality Vibration Voyage

After Dark Pure energy session The Vibra-Acoustic Experience The tilt-a-world Five Layer Esoteric Touch

The Deep Reveal Heavenly Vibration Spirit Conversation Sacred Oils, Crystal Bowls & Energy Revelation Staycation

Extra-Knowing Rejuvination Energy Emotional Release Multi Dimensional Relaxation


Who are the Experience Experts?

Trained practitioners in energy healing, holistic alternative therapies, intuitive guidance, and shamanic practitioners. The Radiance Experience is an enhanced version of skills they’ve developed over their careers.

What will I experience?

People consistently report exhilaration, having incredible clarity of mind and purpose, feeling high or a heavy “weight” is felt as it “drops” from the body, resulting in a lightness of being. There are thousands of possible variations of experience.

Will I enjoy it?

Yes, and if you’re an experience-seeker with an adventurous heart, you will want to try many of them.

Will I learn something about myself?

Perhaps, but the only guarantee is that you’ll have a unique experience.

How much is it?

Prices range from $70 to $250.

Can I audio record the session?