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Radical Mindfulness – The Shamanic Life Coach: Daniel Gutierrez

Radical Mindfulness – The Shamanic Life Coach: Daniel Gutierrez


The Shamanic Life Coach: Daniel Gutierrez 

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He doesn’t call himself a shaman, but some do.


He prefers maestro, which is teacher in Spanish.  But he is also a person “regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits,” as a shaman is frequently defined.  Daniel Gutierrez is a mindfulness and business coach and a leader in the Mindfulness movement, but he’s been teaching his whole life, which is what he is here to do.


He takes groups of adventurers and spiritual seekers to sacred grounds in Peru where they frequently have personal experiences they didn’t expect.  Does he practice divination and healing, as a shaman does?  The people who know him say, “Yes, all the time.”


“From a business perspective,” Daniel says, “most people bring me in to help them build their businesses, or sell their business.  And it doesn’t start with the numbers, or the business, or the product. I’m dealing with the psyche of the individual. That tells me what’s behind the business, and it illuminates the best way to move forward for results they want.”


“When people come to me for coaching, I look at the person as a whole. I don’t separate their business from their personal life, or from their psychosis.  It’s all one.  I look at them holistically, from every angle. I want to know how their day was and how they handled today’s challenges. Their actions in the thick of things speak loudly to me.”


But it’s the CEOs on both coasts who call him when they need a high vibrational shot in the arm to get them back in alignment with success and their higher purpose.  As you may have heard, the corporate world can knock you off center.  A lot.


Sometimes, the CEOs want Daniel to invigorate their workforce by channeling his radical mindfulness teachings to the employees.  Sometimes those employees hire Daniel for their own personal growth.

They want him because he used to be one of them, until he’d had enough.  Sure, he enjoyed the penthouse lifestyle, the expensive meals, and Cuban cigars.  He enjoyed a few opulent possessions.


Until he didn’t. One day he looked at himself and declared a do-over.  That day was the beginning of a journey of personal illumination that he now teaches others to go on, so that they can find their truest selves, perhaps the most valuable—and rare—“possession” of all.


Daniel is a published author and the founder of the Radical Mindfulness movement.  His most recent book “Radical Mindfulness:  Profound Inner Peace—In As Little As 60 Seconds” pulls from his extensive corporate background and transformation as a mindfulness coach.  This has created a new wave of workshops and speaking opportunities for this businessman-turned-maestro.  You may want to book your trip to Machu Picchu, or Bhutan, or the Amazon with him now.


Lately, Daniel has been contacted by small business owners who consider themselves to be “heart-based” entrepreneurs, or “heartpreneurs.” They’re looking for a strong, far-seeing coach who has been there and back.


Some of Daniel’s clients have spiritual epiphanies during their coaching sessions with him here in the U.S., and some have them on the other side of the world, in places like Peru, Bhutan, and the Amazon.  I asked him what these travelers and seekers can expect from such pilgrimages abroad.


“They want to discover something about themself that has been out of reach their entire lives. And they get it.”




“First of all, the mountains of Machu Pichu have a grand effect on people. They’re an energetic vortex, and I defy anyone to tell me they can’t feel something special in their presence. But my real secret ingredient is this:  I’ve cultivated a team of local residents who are committed to using the special energies of that place—and their own hearts—to ensure that my people get the soulful experience they came for.  After many trips over the years, I am blessed with these special relationships with locals who help me deliver a transcendent experience.”


His groups of seekers want it all: the coaching; the spiritual awakening; and the exotic locales where the residents greet Daniel with great respect and work hand-in-hand with him to give the seekers the experience they came for.  In fact, the locals of Peru are excited about Daniel’s new retreat center.  They will get to see more of him.


Daniel told me of his conversation a few years ago with the local shaman.  “Freddy, what is the secret to life?  He looked deeply into my eyes and, in a vibrating baritone, he answered, ‘Daniel, El secreto de la vida es conectarse con Dios, conectarse y amor a uno mismo, y luego conectarse con otros. Daniel, no hay otro camino.’”


Translation: “The secret of life is to connect with God, to connect with the love of self, and then connect with others. Daniel, there is no other way.”


His followers don’t enlist his personal coaching services to remain in status quo, but they don’t realize that he can co-create a shift within the that lights them up, right where they sit, enabling them to see more possibilities for themselves than they ever knew existed.


They may even pray that he channels in them the magic that leads him to deliver galvanizing speeches, like his opener at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.


“Many years ago,” he recalls, “as I sat on Machu Picchu watching the sunrise over the mountains, I wrote a mantra to help us to get out of our own way and experience the beauty that life presents to us:


Oh Divine, release me from the bondage of self, that I might open my heart. Allow me to express my heart freely and receive all that is good in life. Help me to see that everything—I mean everything—I could possibly desire in life is at the fingertips of my awareness. When I am living connected from my heart, it is then—and only then—that I can receive the gift of my inheritance. The peace, love, and abundance, that is individualized as me, the reality of me.”


Daniel is prolifically quotable, and—once he gets to know you, whether remotely or in person—he can’t help but impart lessons in his quotes that impact your life.


He can do these things—and much more—because he did the work.  He suffered to learn, so that he can guide others out of suffering.  He heals himself, so he can show others the way to heal themselves and live the best life they can.

“I used to think that I needed to find myself, only to realize

I just needed to remember who I AM.” – DG

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