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Raise Your Vibe & Improve Your Life Drastically!

Raise Your Vibe & Improve Your Life Drastically!

Dr. Tara Rasta

By Dr. Tara Rasta

It’s well-known that having a high vibration is important not just for yourwell-being, but for manifesting what you want in your life.

But how do you maintain “good vibes,” particularly in the face of disturbing life events?

How can you allow the events of your life unfold without clinging to a particular outcome? How can you hold space for your loved ones and not take their story personally?

I grew up in a chaotic household. My family and I endured a lot of trauma. I have a very sensitive nature and I realized that I can easily become emotionally overwhelmed by the pain of others. I would tend to live hours of my life in a low vibe and poor energy state, resisting dealing with my own pain. Today I understand resistance is a tremendous waste of energy and a crucial part of getting through suffering.

Once I became a doctor and my work involved being able to sit with the pain of others, I realized it was time to take my power back and come up with a solution that will allow me to keep my vibes high and my energy rich. This doesn’t mean I don’t have negative moments, but when I do, I know what to do to pick myself back up and change the trajectory of my life.

I am going to define the “Vibe” as your energetic quality. Your energetic quality is defined as your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Your energetic quality can be broken down into three categories:

  • Energy Poor
  • Energy Neutral
  • Energy Rich

Energy Poor is when you are feeling down, your tone is low or irritated, and your facial expression depicts emotions such as sadness, anger, fear or grief. Your posture shows rounded shoulders and back, forward head and tense shoulders.  Your body language is guarded, with legs or arms crossed.

On the other hand, Energy Rich is when you are excited, you have a big smile on your face, your eyes are sparking with joy and your posture is straight or extended, your arms are open and your shoulders are back. Your tone of voice depicts joy because you tend to use higher vibration words and phrases. It feels like you are in the flow of life, and serendipity is always in your corner.

Energy Neutral is right in between these two states, where nothing really excites or moves you.

Just by paying close attention to facial expression, posture, body language, tone of voice and choice of words you can immediately understand the energetic quality of the people around you.

So how can we maintain a good vibe that influences us and others in a positive manner?

  • Awareness
  • Acknowledge
  • Acceptance
  • Action

Awareness – You must know that you are not your thoughts or stories; you are the awareness behind the thoughts and stories. Watching yourself as the thoughts and emotions move through you will help you not allow negative thoughts to take you on a journey.

Acknowledge – Through the act of acknowledging we give ourselves the permission to feel and heal our emotions. Most of us cope through avoiding our pain and feelings, which in turn locks that energetic experience into our physical body, resulting in physical pain and symptoms. However, by giving ourselves the permission to feel and acknowledge our emotions, we allow for these emotions to move and be processed, which is crucial to healing.

Acceptance – Accepting our state of being allows us to witness and experience the events of our life that create mental and emotional impressions to simply move through us. We drop our resistance and allow the emotions to pass instead of resisting the influence of the event in an attempt to stop it from passing through our body. Whatever event you are experiencing, it will have to pass through your psyche and body like ripples through water, instead of struggling with the experience of the event and wearing yourself out. Resistance is an incredible waste of energy and leads to a poor energy state of being.

Action – Practicing techniques and exercises that allow our energy to flow instead of becoming blocked can tremendously help us keep our vibes high and our Energy Rich.

For most of us, we learned to resist events that happened in our life, which is similar to trying to stop the ripples caused by a stone that was dropped into a still lake. When you resist, the energy has no place to go and gets stuck in your psyche or body. It causes you to feel less vibrant and be in a poor energy state. As these energies accumulate you can become so blocked that you are either going to experience severe physical symptoms, completely shut down, feel depressed, or become anxious.

Network Spinal Analysis is a somatic chiropractic technique I use in my office to help patients release the energetic and emotional blockages that occurred in their body as a result of accumulated resistance to events. When blocked energies and emotions become stuck in your body and spine, it significantly influences your posture. Which is why you can always guess the health and emotional state of people by the way they hold their bodies. Our body holds the secrets of our life and only when these blocked energies are released, can we truly experience freedom and joy of life. As long as we keep on resisting, we keep on accumulating and locking these experiences into our body.

As the person learns strategies to release these past energetic accumulations, the flow occurs and they become much more adaptable to stressors of their life.  I incorporate different types of breath work, movement, and gentle touch along the spine to help the individual release their resistance.

As you learn to let each moment of each day to pass through, you will feel tremendous amount of energy available to you.

I learned that our lives aren’t dependent on big events, but rather small decisions on a day-to-day basis that can shift our behavior and allow us to be more aligned with the purpose of our soul.

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