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Reflections of a Moment in Time

Reflections of a Moment in Time

The poem mentioned—and many other inspiring, heart-expanding works—can be found at

By Monika Carless

Sometimes when we look back on something, it becomes sweeter, not because time smoothed the edges of what we experienced, but because we realize just how special it really was.

A few weeks ago, through the magic of the internet, I joined several beautiful souls at the Long Beach Healing Key “Sacred Masculine Group” for Men (pictured) with Scott Ware. It had been quite some time since I’d sat in circle with men only. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, how I would be received, or what emotions would surface for me.

It was a vulnerable time for me because a poem I had penned (and was printed in the April-May issue of Radiance) was to be read out loud and reflected upon; Choose a Woman Who Will Serve You Truth. It is a piece written for men by a woman who deeply respects and supports the Sacred Masculine. My experiences as a child and young woman do not speak to a healthy or even safe relationship with men, however, I have met the Mature Masculine over my lifetime, and believe that especially in this Age of Aquarius, it is most important we honor the archetypes of Magician, Warrior, Lover and King in each and every man.

Sitting at a virtual round table with the men in this group, it was reinforced for me that ordinary men lead revolutionary lives when they live through the heart, and this was quite evident in the searching, humble, yet powerful way these men chose to meet and learn from each other.

I felt in some moments that I was witnessing something quite private. The emotions and thoughts of people, these creatures who have lived through their own trials, who may have not felt safe in relationship with women at times, were willing to be raw and real with me in the room. That is the part which becomes sweeter as I reflect back. We are all so very human, men, women, although we present in different ways, and yet, so much more. In witnessing this group, and in being witnessed myself, we met soul to soul.

Men have their own language between each other. It’s not so much in their words, it’s in their being, the way their essence penetrates time and space. When men are in their integrity, Consciousness shifts. Between poetry, meditation, sharing and the sound of genuine laughter, I found that sharing my truth could be a healing and growing experience for us all.

I think my initial nervousness was due to the fact I have often been asked why a woman feels adequate to write of men. As if I was appropriating something that was not mine to address. I do understand that sentiment, and empathize with the sometime resentment I face. And yet, I feel now more courageous to continue supporting the masculine with my words, after having been invited to this sensitive meeting of beautiful souls.

We are after all, One.


The poem mentioned—and many other inspiring, heart-expanding works—can be found at

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