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Sacred Union

Sacred Union

More and more these days you hear people talking about Conscious Coupling or Twin Flames but what does that really mean?

By Greg Friedman and Devon Poer

More and more these days you hear people talking about Conscious Coupling or Twin Flames but what does that really mean?

If we are going to use any term to model a healthy relationship between two partners, we prefer the term Sacred Union. However, before we explain what the term Sacred Union means for us, we’d like to share how we came to this understanding. And really how we met!

We are Devon Poer and Greg Friedman, Guides and Spiritual Entrepreneurs with dynamic areas of expertise and wild stories from our experiences along our journey. At some point we were fortunate enough to cross paths but only after many years of avidly seeking our Sacred Union and experiencing many heartbreaks.



The moment Greg and I met, the energetics were undeniable. I have no doubt we were destined to meet. The first time we saw each other in person was on Greg’s radio show on KX93.5 fm in Laguna Beach, California called, “Inner Journey with Greg Friedman.” We had connected through similar social groups on social media, and because he frequently interviews shamans, healers and thought leaders in the Spiritual Movement, he invited me to be a guest on his show to delve into what I do as a professional Clairvoyant and Astrological Guide for entrepreneurs.

After the show, the response we received from those close to us was overwhelmingly ecstatic—the chemistry between us was undeniable. To say we were enthralled with one another the first time we met was an understatement. It wasn’t just instant chemistry; it was a Spiritual Connection. And to share more intimately for myself, there were signs and synchronicities before we met in person. After speaking on the phone and looking at Greg’s photos, I knew he was someone special.

As someone with Extra-Sensory abilities, the signs before we met were uncanny, and as an astrological guide, it was in my astrological forecasting and chart to meet my sacred partner. I later found out it was in his as well! Readings I received from other Professional Intuitives had delivered yummy goodies that affirmed my own intuition and to top it off, my dreams included vivid encounters with a Sacred Partner that felt like other past lives had taken place as well. For me the signs were stacking up!

I was happy I had been doing so much healing work prior, because manifesting a Sacred Union wouldn’t have been possible. I was and still am committed to holding a space of Sacred Love for myself and my connection with the Divine, which has made all the difference.



I have long relied on my intuition in my personal life and professional ventures, and I trust my gut regarding whom to seek out for guests. Sometimes I have been fortunate enough to have fascinating leaders in our industry like Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden and Don Miguel Ruiz as guests, and at other times I have had equally fascinating guests who aren’t well known in the industry yet.

I couldn’t even tell you why I not only responded to the Facebook friend request from Devon but then felt drawn to find out more about her and possibly have her as a guest on the program, but I did; intuition frequently defies rational explanation, but we’re always rewarded when we go with it. It certainly didn’t hurt that she has an undeniable beauty and magnetic quality however, Southern California is pretty much the epicenter of “pretty looking people,” so it wasn’t that. It was something more that made me curious about her.

I looked at what she did professionally and when I found out that she was a Business Clairvoyant, I had no idea what that meant so I did what I usually do in those cases: I asked.

When we spoke on the phone I was intrigued and curious. In the wonderfully woo-woo world that I live in, it’s a kick to find someone who can walk in both the business and spiritual worlds, so I invited Devon to be a guest on the program. I could clearly see that she had a lot of wisdom to offer other heart-based entrepreneurs.

She arrived at the radio station even more beautiful in person than in her photos and gave me a present, a bracelet she had made herself. Material things never meant that much to me, but a gift that is handmade with me in consideration means the world to me. However, I still had none of that love-at-first-sight stuff.

The appointed time came, the “On Air” sign lit up and off we went, going on a deep and intimate dive into what her passion is and what inspired her to follow it with such fervor. All was “normal” until she made one small, yet sweeping gesture with her hand and in a flash, I saw multiple lifetimes that the two of us had spent together. I was still on air and fought to remain present in the moment and fortunately for me our next break wasn’t that far away during which Devon decided to ask me out for coffee.

The show ended, we said goodbye in a professional manner and went our separate ways. Though admittedly, Devon was on my mind…

A couple days later, I had received some very exciting news regarding my business, Inner Journey, and all I wanted to do was phone Devon and share my excitement. I had hardly known her but she was the only one I cared to share it with. When I did, we both recognized that even though we hardly knew one another, we shared something undeniably special. So, I asked her to upgrade our date to dinner!



The ensuing whirlwind romance was a pleasant surprise in itself, and it was accompanied by a profoundly deep connection with each other that felt grounded, yet cosmic… of this world, yet multidimensional as well… as if a divine purpose was at work within us individually and for the greater good. We both knew we were here to make a difference in other people’s lives by helping them on their soul journey, but now we also experienced a revitalized sense of opportunity to join forces for an even greater impact!

As a couple, we have come to understand the art and practice of being in a Sacred Union is one that’s much like yoga. It’s a beautiful practice that takes presence and a commitment to processing what we’ve integrated as individuals way before we ever met!

A Sacred Union is a relationship itself, with its own Consciousness. It is as much a living, breathing being as we are human. It needs to be honored, respected, fed, nourished and nurtured.

We believe a Sacred Union is a delicate dance with one foot in the heavens and the other firmly planted on the Earthly plane. It is easy to become ungrounded with your head in the clouds, and together we open our hearts to connect on a deeper level with the Divine here on Earth. However, it’s no walk in the park!

The Universe is always holding a mirror and providing a reflection, whether it’s favorable or not. When we are ungrounded and reacting (i.e., triggered) to that reflection, it is an opportunity to recognize an unhealed aspect of ourselves and an opportunity to build a bridge to welcome our wounds and traumas so that they may be loved, forgiven and celebrated.

When we are grounded and in the flow, we become more attuned to our environment. We say attuned because Energy is always available and the more we awaken the more we access happiness and abundance. It is a reality we create as magical beings, practicing the art of manifestation, transformation and alchemy within a sacred container.

We are interwoven like a fine tapestry, both continually adding color and dimension to our creation. Even though it is tied together, it is not a prison sentence, it’s a choice. We don’t always agree and neither would that be appropriate to our personal truth and within our contrast we foster growth as individuals, as a couple and as Guides. P;.k

Our journeys “converged” because we took an oath to dedicate ourselves to Conscious Awakening long before we joined in Sacred Union. Sacred Union was like graduating from high school and going to advanced studies at university.

The work doesn’t stop—it just levels up, and now we get to do it together and share it by teaching others how to recognize and walk in their Sacred Path as individuals and as part of a Sacred Union.

By Greg Friedman and Devon Poer


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