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An M.I.T.-Trained Scientist Shares How to BE a Vortex, by Pete A. Sanders Jr., Author of You ARE Psychic!

An M.I.T.-Trained Scientist Shares How to BE a Vortex, by Pete A. Sanders Jr., Author of You ARE Psychic!

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As a 50-year Spiritual Teacher, I love helping Seekers learn rapid methods for SUSTAINABLE Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness and Brain Science techniques for enhancing their success, health, and happiness. As a 40-year Sedona resident, I have shared with visitors Scientific Vortex Information for how to practically understand and FULLY tap Sedona’s famous Vortex Meditation sites.

My new DVD, The Sedona Vision Quest System, gives YOU those same benefits, even when you can’t be in Sedona. It’s techniques and methods allow you BE a Vortex and ANYWHERE:

  • Clear the harmful mental and physical effects of stress and anxiety
  • Understand Superstrings Physics for tapping the extra dimensions of the Soul
  • Have a rapid system for Getting Answers whenever you feel stuck and/or need inspiration
  • Travel back in time for healing bruises in your Inner Soul Crystal that are preventing progress
  • Open Portals to the Spark of the Divine and enhance the flow of Infinite Love thru your body and spirit

Sedona has been known for decades for its power to heal, recharge, and re-inspire visitors. Whether you can come to Sedona or not, you deserve to have a quick and effective system for getting the Wellness Boost and Spiritual Insight you need for “Living Life AS a Soul” with the Unlimited Potentials” that are your birthright.

The Sedona Vision Quest System, The Free Soul Method, is available at, either as a Digital Download for your computer or smart phone, or as a 70 min. DVD or both. 

After I graduated with Honors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principle studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science, I was accepted to Harvard Medical School. I chose instead to devote my life to NonProfit Public Education that helps seekers learn how to be “Their Own” Best Teachers. The Sedona Vision Quest System contains a compilation of my 60+ years as a seeker; from growing up in New York City and Southern California, to exploring at M.I.T. how science and spirituality can combine for breakthroughs, to traveling the world as a Voluntary Service Top Secret Cleared Naval Officer, to settling in Sedona in 1980 and founding Free Soul, my 501 (c)(3) Public Education Organization.

The 70 min. Sedona Vision Quest System is like having a personal private session tailored to your needs that gives you ALL the insights, techniques, and methods I have gathered and taught for over half a century. Even more important it teaches you The Free Soul Method for becoming YOUR OWN Best Teacher and Creating YOUR OWN Enlightenment.

Imagine never feeling helpless again. Imagine knowing how to get Life Purpose Insight and Direction whenever you need it. That is what awaits you, once you know the Sedona Vision Quest System. Until we meet, either in Sedona, or on the Sedona Vision Quest System DVD, know you are a beautiful, one of a kind, free Soul, and that you ARE loved.

Be kind to yourself. Be adventurous. Cherish the exciting journey that awaits you. BE a FREE SOUL.


Pete Sanders is the President and Founder of Free Soul (establish in Sedona, Arizona in 1980). He has taught his Brain Science discoveries, Psychic Sensitivity and Soul Awareness techniques worldwide, as well as at his alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology and inside the  Pentagon to the Pentagon Meditation Club. He is the author of You Are Psychic! (available in all bookstores or as an E-book or Audible Book), and thru The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul (10-Lesson Course), Scientific Vortex Information, and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center (Brain Science discoveries for NATURAL Mood Elevation: Feeling Better FAST, without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating.


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