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The “Empower Thyself” Program

The “Empower Thyself” Program

The Empower Thyself Program

Do you want:

Greater Abundance and Prosperity Flow?

To Connect More Deeply with Spirit?

The Capability to Grow your Chi and Protect your Own Personal Energy Field?

To Discover the Path Within Your that Answers Your Deepest Questions?

To Receive Ancient Tools and Sacred Rituals that Initiates Have used for Thousands of Years to Awaken Your Divinity and Align Yourself with your True Purpose?

Join many of the worlds’ greatest leaders as you walk the path of physical initiation into the ancient mystery traditions! Come be a part of the Empower Thyself Program, a two-day intensive where you will dive into the mysteries that for so long were hidden from the masses.

You’ll enter a community that focuses on creating a world where people live from their hearts and where their individuality is cherished.

“Thank you so much for offering the class “Empower Thyself”. It helped me understand and clarify spiritual truths, and the energy generated during the two days of the class was truly amazing. D.B.

“I was pissed at God when he took my mother away. I forgave God during meditation during the initiation ceremony. I didn’t understand it then as a child, but I understand it now.” David Paul Williams

“I want to thank you for your service and dedication. I took a leap of faith in this, in that I had not even met you, but you are more than I had hoped for!”  Valerie Cantu Claverie

If you hunger to make a difference in this world, Empower Thyself will equip you with the extra edge to be an accomplished leader and catalyst for progression. We are all born with the potential to be leaders. Many of those who fully actualized their potential were empowered to do so through physical initiation into the ancient mystery traditions.

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