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It’s Time to Shift to a Higher Level of Consciousness, by Lorie Ladd 

It’s Time to Shift to a Higher Level of Consciousness, by Lorie Ladd 

Lorie Ladd

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    I love you and I’m sending you a big virtual hug to wherever you are on the Earth plane.

    As the human collective shifts from a 3rd-dimensional consciousness into a 5th-dimensional consciousness, we face challenges.

The challenging piece is that we are shifting in higher states of consciousness while we’re standing in duality

    First of all, we live in a 3rd-dimensional field. We’re standing in it. We look outside and our external reality is inundated with 3rd-dimensional consciousness, which means there is a massive amount of duality: right-wrong, good-bad, yes-no, positive-negative, feels good-doesn’t feel good, my truth-not my truth… That’s duality. There’s a separation. There are polarities. We can’t hide from that, deny that, or ignore that. It’s part of this dimensional field. 

    The challenging piece is that we are shifting in higher states of consciousness while we’re standing in duality. Duality looks like rape, murder, torture, injustices, rage, anger, racism, animal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse… and love, unity, peace, expansion, joy, freedom… those all exist in this “now” 3rd-dimensional field.

    What we’re doing as a collective, whether you’re aware of it or not, is we are shifting from a very dense way of experiencing our reality into a higher state of consciousness where we will be experiencing our reality very differently. In a more unified field, there is equality, unconditional love, there is acceptance of all… but we have to do that while standing in a dualistic field. It’s insane. It’s very challenging. So here is the analogy the light beings I channel gave me:

    I want you to think of the human collective as a concrete slab, and there are cracks inside. Each crack is a duality that we have to heal. Whether it’s racism, animal abuse, abuse for the Earth, governmental control, or any injustice. There are so many dark experiences happening right now that have to be healed to be brought into the unified field. 

    What we’re starting to do is shine a light on these cracks by bringing these darker elements into a unified field of light. Which means that we start to love more.

    We start to have compassion for more humans. We start to let go of our guards of whether something is right or wrong and instead we try to have more empathy for humans. 

    And the only way to heal the cracks is to shine that light and look at that crack and to say “Holy cow, look how the human collective has been for so long!” And it’s not about shame, or making humans right or wrong about it, it’s about having each individual human decide how they’re going to work through and integrate that crack.

    By the way, there are many humans that are not holding a frequency where they’re capable of seeing there’s the crack in the human collective. That’s okay. They don’t need to. We’re doing it. We are pulling the collective into these higher states of consciousness by courageously stepping into the crack, opening our hearts, and saying, “No more.” 

To read more, go to Lorie is an ascension guide and a channel for multi-dimensional Light Beings. She is a bridge between you and your Family of Light, the Beings that are supporting you from behind the scenes to assist you through your courageous ascension.

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