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When the Shift Hits the Fan, an Interview with Todd Medina of SoulSpeaks 5D

When the Shift Hits the Fan, an Interview with Todd Medina of SoulSpeaks 5D

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Todd Medina

Todd Medina is a legend in spiritual social media through his popular video podcast “SoulSpeaks 5D” where he’s conducted 1,800 interviews with spiritual thought leaders and high-vibing activists to help the collective navigate. – Radiance

There’s a lot of fear out there with coronavirus. What’s your take on all this?

Well, being spiritual you understand at some point in your awakening process that if you feed the monster, the monster gets bigger, right? So, you don’t. 

A lot of people woke up through disclosure or through conspiracy – you know, 9/11, JFK and GMOs and all that stuff. And then at some point, you’ve got to stop griping about it because you just feed the monster. I think the corona virus really has a false flag frequency to me. But I think it’s a good thing in the sense that it’s reflecting what we’re doing, which is all the shadow coming to the surface to be released. You don’t have to understand it all. You face it, you accept it as being part of the universal energy, you make your peace, have your say, then move on from it.  

What empowering messages are you hearing from your interviews lately?

Lately it’s been kind of a free for all. I noticed post-Solstice that in even the high vibrational people, the people that have been out there in the forefront, there was a game change. Like they became more human, more humble, not to take anything away from them. Also, that the energy of distortion has ceased—it’s no longer being projected onto the earth as of early this year. Only remnants of it are in our egos and the neural pathways that were paved by the ego. 

In your experience with all these interviews, what is the value emotionally and spiritually of being comfortable with discomfort?

That’s a good one. I think we’ve been through it enough. But when the shift hits the fan, in that moment of the mini dark night of the soul, we can kind of take a deep breath and say, “Once this passes, there’s going to be a huge shift.” 

Like my wife and I, we do this every day like you do. When you have a partner like you do, it’s nice to be able to bounce things off each other. But we went through a period where we just went like that for three days. It was in a fight. The energy came in, things got wonky. I came out to the RV for 3 days and four nights and did my job and she was inside doing her job. We were both working on ourselves. We were both uncomfortable. We both handled our stuff. And I think that’s another thing that’s coming to the surface now is instead of people reaching out to somebody else in a codependent frequency, they’re starting to take it upon themselves to handle their own stuff. 

I’m curious how it goes when you’re talking about spirituality in a public setting. Well, we went out to the beach for a gathering. And there was a there was a 35-ish, 40-ish man there who was pretty articulate and sharp, and he got the frequency of who were. He pulled me to the side, starts asking all these questions. He was at the early stages of awakening, realizing 9/11 was a hoax, JFK. And it’s like, “Mind-blown, mind-blown, it’s changed my life.” He’s got kids at home, a wife… 

I said, “So, what are you going to do with it?” He said he started taking these classes, started reading people, and even held a lady’s locket and told her all about its history. You hear a lot of people say, “Oh, they’re not awake, or they’re not awake.” To me it’s obvious that more and more people are waking up very rapidly. I think we’ve underestimated—there’s actually a lot more going on.

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