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Shivananda Swamji: A soul with a mission

Shivananda Swamji: A soul with a mission

Shivananda will be in Los Angeles during his North American tour. Event Dates: Sept. 23, 24, 30 – Oct. 1,2,3, 6, 2010  For more info:

Shivananda is a light in these times of great global change. His mission is to guide every person to find truth, peace and love within themselves.

“When I was 16 years old, a significant change happened to me on the soul level. After a serious accident, I was left in a coma for nine days. During this time my soul left my body and floated over my hospital bed.  It saw beyond the veil of the material world. My soul saw how everyone in the room carried the same light in their heart and that we are all the same”.

“On the last day of this coma, my soul entered through a portal of light and was surrounded by celestial music and heavenly fragrances. Filled with an immense and boundless joy, it yearned to dissolve into the Divine Light. I felt a strong and loving Presence guided one soul into the light and allowed  a special soul  to enter my body.  After awaking from the coma, the memories of my life came back slowly.

Years later, when my life fell apart and I lost everything,I remembered the things which had happened to me on the soul level and that my soul had come into the world with a special mission. To end my profound suffering, I began opening up to what was intended for me. Finally, I was ready to meet the Masters. Shivananda’s awakening and transformation happened in 2017 when he returned home from a journey to India, and spontaneously entered a state of Samadhi. For 9 days he remained in meditation, eating and drinking very little.

During this extraordinary time – that he calls “The Joy of the Self” – Shivananda travelled through the different stages of consciousness, meeting with the Masters. They opened his divine channels and showed him his Dharma, his mission on Earth, and revealed to him a system of healing that utilizes Kundalini energy, the energy of Mother Earth.

Swamiji uses this system of healing during his satsangs. In guided meditations he gently supports the awakening of this energy, clearing blockages and allowing more light to enter your chakras. Powerful mantras, breathing techniques and other exercises are a fundamental part of his teachings. Shivananda guides you to first and foremost love yourself. By loving yourself, finding inner peace and being in your truth, you become a powerful beacon of light that can shine on others, allowing them to radiate in return. Love can change cells genetically and alter DNA. The energy of Love contains a wonderful secret for healing on many existential levels. Plant the seeds of Love, hope and light. Feed and take care of them. Once these Love seeds sprout,  they will function on higher levels in order to fulfil their purpose. They are the foundations of harmony, comfort and peace.”

Shivananda will be in Los Angeles during his North American tour. Event Dates: Sept. 23, 24, 30 – Oct. 1,2,3, 6, 2010  For more info:

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