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From Skeptic to Healer: My Journey From Limitation to Expansion

From Skeptic to Healer: My Journey From Limitation to Expansion

Gina Kegel

Gina Kegel, Energy Transformation Coach



Instagram: @ginakegel


Twenty minutes and twenty dollars later, I knew she was a fake.

In a dim back room, my palm outstretched on a small table, she tilted my hand back and forth, flicked shrewd glances at my face and asked probing questions followed by vague statements. As I sat there, I saw through her, suspicions confirmed when she began to push crystals and promises to cure the various maladies and doom apparently swirling in my aura.

You get what you pay for, I guess.

We’ve all seen the documentaries and exposes on mentalists, readers, and hauntings and the like, that explain away such mysteries as tricks of the brain, optical illusions, manipulations, and shared confirmation bias. Maybe you’ve had a reading like mine. And maybe you’ve reluctantly reached the same conclusion: that’s all there is, we find synchronicities because we want to, and energy workers are hucksters who manipulate people’s hopes and dreams for cash.

But something in us continues to hope, to long, to quietly know that there’s more.

Even as a skeptic, I am a healer. I just am. I can’t help it or be anything else. Even as my own physical, emotional, and energetic issues healed through my work, I remained skeptical. Even as I released trapped emotional energy from my clients, and watched them blossom and thrive, I still thought, “Is this a placebo? Am I worth what they are paying?” 

Even after witnessing changes that could not be otherwise explained – babies that shifted from inconsolable to peaceful, emotionally barricaded husbands who became affectionate and passionate, and pets whose behavior resolved – I was a skeptic, and I held myself back.

In forty-five minutes, all that changed.

You may recall Crista Marie Miller, intuitive medium and voice channeler featured on the cover of the October/November 2019 issue of Radiance. Shortly before its publication, I found myself in a reading with her, a reading unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and I underwent a deep, foundational shift.

She was accurate, yes, but she also completely lacked fluff. Her clear, precise statements answered questions I hadn’t even asked. She didn’t fish, didn’t ask for my life story, or if I had loved ones on the other side. She just started telling me about them, about my life, my businesses, and my purpose – with certainty and with accuracy.

From that experience alone, my own healing abilities shifted. My sessions have become deeper, my intuition more accurate, and my healing approach more layered, and, dare I say it, more successful. She blew the lid off my pot, and the light is pouring in.

So, I encourage you, dear reader, seeker, skeptic, believer, to get out of your own way. Belief is not enough. Belief is conjecture. Know. Know that you can, and that I can, and that everything is possible. Join me up here in the sunlight. It’s incredible.

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