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Sleeping Divinely by Ava Park

Sleeping Divinely by Ava Park

Ava is the Founder and Director of The Museum of Woman in Irvine, a place to remember the hidden history of Woman’s Power to lead humanity to goodness through goddesses, queens and wise women of every culture and epoch. 714/392-0558

“Out like a light” … “slept like the dead” … “… like a log” –phrases that show that most people misunderstand sleep. Besides, logs are not inert objects …and that reminds me of this talking log in the Amazon that once lectured me at length—oh, wait, that’s a story for another time.

We each prepare for our day: We groom, dress, eat, organize.       When sleeping, we are engaged in another form of active consciousness, one for which we would do well to prepare, just as we do for each new day of activity. Going on a trip to another country, you would carefully prepare. Every night, you go on a big adventure. You journey (you know you do!) to marvelous, miraculous, mind-blowing lands of dimension, creation, and consciousness. And you do this for one-third of your lifetime. By age ninety, we will have slept a total of 33 years. Let’s sleep well!


Preparing for Your Nightly Sleep Adventure 

Start preparing for bed around 9 pm, or earlier, each evening. Life rhythms start to slow down naturally around 9:30 pm, so most of us need to be set to sleep around 10 pm. Be ready for departure.

  1. Finish eating three hours before bedtime. Digestion requires Energy; sleeping on a full tummy siphons Energy to the physical stomach–Energy you’ll want to use for your magical travels.
  2. An experienced voyager packs only what is required. Taking your day-to-day worries to bed is like packing unnecessary items for a trip—they’ll weigh you down, and you won’t be needing them anyway. At your desk, clear your mind by planning the following day. Note on an index card the hours of the coming day and what you plan to do, hour by hour. Include eating and resting times and any appointments. Note the action you will be taking to address each immediate concern of work or life.  In other words, your “to-do” list. Don’t use a computer or iPhone for this. No screens an hour before bed; all agitate the nervous system. Feng shui warns us that TV, computers, and iPhones keep the bedroom “busy,” even when off.  Energetically, for your sleep journey, it’s like having a continually yakking traveling companion…the worst!
  3. Clean your vehicle. A good traveler always tidies the car before a big road trip, so ensure that your bed and body are energetically clean.
    1. Your bed: Linen bedsheets are metaphysically known to support superior sleep, offering an energetic “light massage” due to the natural microscopic breaks in the fabric. Sleep like an Egyptian sovereign! And store nothing under the bed. Your chariot can’t take off with a bunch of dusty, off-season toga boxes blocking the wheels.  Tingshaw bells sounded over the bed can clear the air, as can Palo Santo or sage.
    2. Your body: Bathe the day away. You will sleep more peacefully after washing away the entanglements of aura and awareness. Whatever you have accumulated throughout the day—ego opinions, judgments, griefs, worries, irritations—consciously surrender and send with gratitude down the drain to Mother Earth.
  4. Checklist review: Before a trip, a smart sojourner reviews their last-minute checklist. As you prepare to lie down…
    1. Review your day: Was it worthwhile? No shame or blame— just dispassionate discernment.
    2. Express gratitude: Journal three things for which you are grateful, chant a gratitude mantra (“dhanya vad” is Sanskrit for “thank you”) or hold a thankful mudra for a moment. “Mudra” means “seal” or “closure;” a mudra is a powerful concluding statement to close a day, putting it behind you positively. The “Namaste” mudra of palms together in front of the heart is easy to remember and easy to perform in bed.
    3. Hold a travel intention: Dedicate your sleeping time to something special to you. Everything incubates during sleep, so intentionally generate only what you desire. “I dedicate my sleeping time to the Spirit of Reverence for all life.” “… to the knowing of wholeness in my body.” “… to clarity in understanding this situation.”
    4. Protection: A wise traveler is never a worrier, but always takes care to protect themselves. “In my dreams, only Good may come to me” is a simple, useful sleeping protection.Awakening in Bliss
  5. Alarm clocks:  Alarm means: “sudden fear or distress caused by an awareness of danger.” Waking to an alarm is the energetic equivalent of someone screaming “fire!” while slapping you hard in the face. If you need an alarm to wake up, perhaps you are going to bed too late? Breaking dawn is Mother Nature’s gentle wake-up call for each new day.
  6. Before moving: Your ego awakens a few seconds after you do, so there is that moment, you know what I’m talking about—where you are floating in pure consciousness, that moment of freedom, purity and non-attachment before your ego wakes up and remembers for you who it thinks you are, what it says you must do; that moment right before it begins to dutifully, diligently, oh-so-helpfully list for you all the so-called problems that it thinks now beset you. Set your intention that, every morning upon awakening, you will stretch out that precious, pure, first moment, because that’s who you really are: pure consciousness.
  7. Complete the dream: Awakening from an unpleasant dream, consciously storytell a better final chapter; continuing, then concluding the story of the dream, ending with an uplifted feeling.
  8. As you move: Roll to your right side out of bed, remembering that your soul is eternal, but your body is mortal, and, what a blessing! You are alive! 152,000 people died last night, and this morning you were not one of them! There is nothing wrong with death … it’s just that it’s coming soon enough. Today you are alive! Smile.
  9. See God: Try this ancient technique to start the day seeing the Divine.  Rub palms briskly together, then press fingertips softly to eyes. This tones the nervous system. Seventy percent of people check their phones before getting out of bed in the morning. Ack! Talk about letting someone else set your vibration! No, you choose your vibration. Start your day with something like “I meet the day with a good heart! All is well.”It is so … and so it is.Sleep well.

    Sleep divinely.


Ava is the Founder and Director of The Museum of Woman in Irvine, a place to remember the hidden history of Woman’s Power to lead humanity to goodness through goddesses, queens and wise women of every culture and epoch. 714/392-0558

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