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When the Soul Speaks, Who is Listening? By Zulmara Maria

When the Soul Speaks, Who is Listening? By Zulmara Maria

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A Moment in Time Listening to Our Ancestors

“Use the lens of the soul to peer into the heart’s desires. Use the heart’s desires to peer into the soul’s purpose.” Un ABRAZO | Your Divine Self

    Many of us on this journey have come to realize the only reason we are here is to serve our soul’s purpose, to fulfill our heart’s desires, to honor the levity of the spirit. We are truly trying to understand our divinity, to shine our spiritual light, and experience the embodiment of the soul in human form. 

    In a sense, it is all an illusion. An illusion of the mind, an illusion of the soul, an illusion of the heart. The reality you live… is the reality you create a moment at a time, day by day, minute by minute. Following your gut, intuition, guides, desires is how you enjoy and navigate the journey.

    However, following our soul’s purpose or our heart’s desire is not always easy. How do we know which path to take? How do we know what the soul wants? How do we know if we are fulfilling our heart’s desire?

    It is important to develop strategies that work to help you connect with your soul, heart, and spirit. It is equally important to understand that everyone’s journey is wonderfully unique, so keep searching until you find your connection to your inner world, your intuition, your ancestors.

    Focused introspection helps us tap into our intuition and the wisdom of our ancestors stored in our DNA. We can hear the voices of our ancestors when we meditate, quiet the chatter of our minds, journal, pray, visualize, dream, sing, dance, run, play, and just have fun. When we are having fun, when we let our guard down, when we are in the flow, that is when we can hear our ancestors the loudest. That is when our intuition kicks in.

    Each one of these activities allows us to tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition and cultivating a number of them will help you truly live the life of your dreams with wisdom and discernment.

    Align the desires of your heart, with the playfulness of your spirit, with the purpose of your soul… to see a quantum leap in your own self-proclaimed success.  

    There are many benefits to honing in on and developing your intuition. If you are interested in learning more, contact Zulmara Maria at for a 30-minute session and she will gift you a free Gratitude Guidebook. 

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