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Spirit Energy explained at the Quantum Level By Crista Marie Miller

Spirit Energy explained at the Quantum Level By Crista Marie Miller

I am a science geek at heart. One of my last classes in college was Physics, which drew me into the world of quantum mechanics. If I’d started my college career with this class, I would have probably ended up being a Quantum Physicist.

Quantum mechanics is the study of the very small. Examples would be protons, electrons, and photons. Quantum level is the energy given off from these particles. I want to share one of the most amazing miracles that happens in the quantum world that changed life as we know it.

Back in 1927, two scientists Davisson and Germer performed a study called the double slit experiment where they shot electrons through a screen with two slits onto a back screen that registered where the electrons hit. It was thought that the electrons would act much like matter does, and create the same two slits on the back screen as were on the front. They were shocked to learn that the electrons hit the back screen in a wave-like pattern, creating seven to eight lines!

But that was not the miracle. The miracle occurred when they went to observe or measure how the electrons were going through the slits in the first screen. When the electrons were “aware” that they were being watched, they finally performed in the way the scientists thought they would: they went through the slits on the front screen, and hit the back screen in the two-slit pattern! When the electrons were observed, they seemed to understand this and acted differently than if they were not being observed.

Just as the double slit experiment showed, Spirit comes around us in the form of waves. When we put our attention on Spirit does it then become easier for entities to enter our field of consciousness and communicate. If we don’t, they are more often than not floating around us in wave patterns.

So, in my opinion, know that when you think of your loved ones that have passed, they are right beside you, proven by quantum physics.

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  1. 8 months ago

    That is a excellent way to express a often confusing topic. Our thoughts often guide us to those whom watch us and connect with us. The medicine men that taught me that we are all connected. Everything including the spaces in between. Thank you for the interesting read.