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We asked Radiance readers on our Facebook page to share their thoughts and experiences and opinions on the question of spirit guides. What do you think? ~ Radiance

* Some entries lightly edited for clarity.

I don’t know if I necessarily believe in traditional concepts of spirit guides. I look for cues from the universe that indicate some sort of synchronicity or lack thereof. And I call upon lessons from archetypes or ancestors, but in terms of a direct relation, I don’t. ~Tabassum Chowdhury

I don’t necessarily believe in the actual “spirit guide” thing myself… I feel SOURCE… and I feel that source speaks to me through music (mainly) but also through other synchronicities, like signs, symbols, people, animals that just “show up” at the right time to let you know something. ~ Charlene Maguire

One of my assignments for lucid astral travel when apprenticing with a government remote viewer was to contact my main guide for this sojourn. Being a natural astral traveler there are certain locations I know how to get to which are like nexus points for communication. This time I ended up at what I call the “terminal” as in an airport or train station because it seems to be where entities of all types come & go to different places.

I was waiting by one of the entrances sitting on some steps watching the parade of sci-fi awesomeness of characters go by, when I saw a group of beings in conversation approach that felt familiar. Telepathically, a large translucent blue glowing being introduced itself form a short distance away. It was at least 30 feet tall and with a half-step and leaning down to shake my hand, I was more formally greeted. I was like an infant shaking the hand of a full-grown man in size comparison.

He communicated to me that we’ll be seeing each again from time to time. He and the group he walked in with continued on their path out of the terminal. ~ Jerry Avalos

Unfortunately, a door in my house got locked by my grandson when he was a toddler. I thought I was going to have to call a locksmith. I felt compelled to stop, close my eyes and turn within for guidance. After a few minutes, I heard a voice say “get the glass jar up on the shelf in your closet.” That jar had been there for about 10 years untouched and held a hodge-podge of keys gathered over time. I did as I was instructed. The voice said, dump them on the bed. I did. Had to be at least 50 odd keys. I looked skeptically at them and thought. “Now what?” Just then I heard the voice say. “Close your eyes and run your hands over them until you feel something.” Hesitantly I did so. All of a sudden, my palm got burning hot. I opened my eyes and there was a key just under my palm. The voice said, “Use it to open the door.” I stuck the key in… bingo! It opened right away! I said a prayer of gratitude and made sure to tag that key.

Later that day I went to lunch with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. She said, “I brought you a little gift. For some reason when I saw it I thought of you.” I opened it and inside was a desk plague with a skeleton key framed under glass. The writing below it said, “Faith Is The Key!” Lol – couldn’t have been more fitting for that day. Angels to the rescue! ~ Daaiyah Jordan

I was trained by elders in communication with spirit guides and have demonstrated in public for audiences of up to 200. I can absolutely confirm that they exist. And I was teaching people how to communicate with their spirit guides at 5 SoCal centers. ~ Lisa Lockhart

I teach people how to communicate with their spirit team (I prefer that to spirit guides). I facilitate, communicate and work with different energetic beings – spirits, beings of light, angelic beings, Galactic beings. Recently I have the closest relationship with my galactic Family-beautiful, clear and conscious Venusian Beings and Council of Light Beings. I started to write (automatic writing) their messages and information since it was too much to remember. I have sooooo many amazing stories from the classes I facilitated about entities and from my life. For me the energetic world is an essential part of our life and living and we miss so much of it when we don’t include it. ~ Gosia Lorenz

Yes, and they often manifest into physical orbs/light beings. ~ Keira Ingalls

Yes, I absolutely do! God (I use this name because it’s easy to spell), is my favorite. I have core groups that I work closely with depending on what I am doing. ~ Lucinda Collis

I mainly talk to My Creator, Source, The Quantum Field, All Existence- God. But I do channel many messages from Archangels. I invoke them to guide me, assist me and relate messages to my clients. Jesus is my most powerful support but I work with Quan Yin, Ganesh, Lord Buddha and many more depending really where I am or even where my client lives. My clients in Latin America are supported a lot by archangels, Mary but when I got a client in India, Ganesh showed up. Quan Yin in healings where compassion is the main topic. My quantum healing guide scared me at first; it was my first vision of a guide from another dimension. ~ Emelia Cuevas

Spirit Guides are for all souls! We can’t say « my » spirit guides or « your » spirit guides. They are the guides. ~ Jean-Philippe Darquenne

All the time! They are a part of me. ~ Lindsay Lafontaine

Spirit guides generally each have a specific job or purpose. I joke that I have a guide just for helping me find my lost stuff. One time I lost a tiny bolt from the ceiling light fixture in the bedclothes on our Cal King bed. It was a mess of blankets and pillows and the kids’ stuffed animals. I laughingly asked my guide for help, picked up an unfolded piece of laundry, and there it was, shining and obvious. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened. ~ Gina Kegel

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