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Spiritual Opportunities Abound

Spiritual Opportunities Abound

Calm the Mind and Experience Deeper Peace

The Divine Art of Yoga Center ashram, 851 W. Whittier Blvd., La Habra, offers a full calendar of classes and activities at  They can be reached at (562) 245-6469. Namaste.

There’s a spiritual oasis just above Fullerton that people drive miles to visit called The Divine Art of Yoga Center.

The two charming mahatmas who run it—Rammurti Baiji and Gautam Baiji (just call them both “Baiji”)—offer yoga by donation as well as classes on meditation, breathing exercises, om chanting, women’s empowerment and an abundance of spiritual practices.

The mahatmas have dedicated their lives to helping people get closer to God and the Divine. The yoga they teach, for instance, helps calm the mind so that we may be able to hear that quiet, still voice inside of us that will guide us on our soul’s path. The breathing exercises and om chanting produce a similar effect, as does the spiritual discourse the mahatmas grace us with from time to time. Even the color of their saffron robes is meant to signify the flame, the fire, that burns away our egos.

Another activity that separates you from your ego and aligns you with your spirit is “seva,” which means the giving of your time, funds or effort with no expectation of reward. It could be decorating for an event, working in their garden, cleaning or merely setting up chairs for the weekly complimentary dinner. Seva is a true act of unconditional love and the ashram offers lots of opportunities to experience that.

The mahatmas emphasize that the center is not religious—it is spiritual. They’re only interested in helping you experience the deepest connection with the infinite, your eternal soul.

One of the most popular classes is the Wednesday night Om Chanting and Yogic Breathing Exercises (pranayam). Once the one-hour class is complete, everyone is so relaxed and blissful, they don’t want to go home!

On Sundays, they offer their traditional satsang, which includes singing bhajans (devotional songs in Hindi or English) and spiritual discourses. Satsang means discussing wisdom or truth in a group.  Don’t miss the homemade Indian vegetarian dinner (prasad) afterward. Always quite delicious, it’s made with loving care by the mahatmas and several devotees.

People find peace and comfort when they visit because of the energy of the place. Not only will you have an amazing spiritual experience at the Divine Art of Yoga Center, you’ll enjoy a great cultural experience and meet a lovely community of people.

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