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Spurring the Body to Create Natural Antioxidants

Spurring the Body to Create Natural Antioxidants

A Potent Formula for Anti-Aging

Tonya Fitzpatrick is a heart-centered health advocate who coordinates events to bring Wellness to the community. She works with Clar8ty and is a living testament to the effectiveness of their health remedies.

Before you became a holistic practitioner, you spent decades in the corporate world, right? Yes, and I was so burned out… my health began to suffer, I was stressed out and in pain every day. I went to the doctor, and of course what they do is prescribe pharmaceuticals! I was taking muscle relaxers and painkillers just to get through the day. As many people know, this doesn’t get at the root of the pain and leads to taking even more drugs. I learned about the Rebound Effect where your body becomes accustomed to relying on these external substances and then it stops producing your body’s own natural painkillers.

How did you break that cycle? I went through the painful process of eliminating pain medication and went on a search for something that was going to be real. I needed to get out of the toxic environment I was in. I also discovered a lot of the foods I was eating was causing a lot of the pain and inflammation I was experiencing, so I changed by diet. At one point when I was about 20 pounds overweight I was introduced to Calibr8 and the Clar8ty products and this time I was able to really make changes on a lasting basis both in losing weight and with my digestive issues. I easily cleaned up my diet to such a degree… I cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar, and with the support of Calibr8 they were just not even options in my life. I was getting good nutrition without the cravings.

You take it in the morning? Yes, and if I got afternoon cravings, I would take Calibr8 Kids, which gave me a little boost and satisfied my cravings.

It inspired you so much you went to work for them! I became a Brand Executive so I could do events and fairs and share my story with people. I even talk about how my husband confessed that he had so much pain in his arm that he couldn’t get around on the mattress without tears in his eyes, this tough guy hiding all the pain he’s in. He starting taking Calibr8 and it changed his life. The pain went away. He’ll never stop taking it!

How do you feel when you take Calibr8? More vibrant. More alive! Shedding 20 pounds makes you feel amazing, of course. You’re more energetic. More energy, more vibrancy. You have more passion for life.

More passion in your marriage? Absolutely, especially with Circul8. (laughs) We both feel as if we’re growing younger. It’s a youthening process. It allows the body to produce primary antioxidants on its own in the natural way it was intended to produce, it makes you feel as if you’re more connected to the natural life process as opposed to a vitamin or pill. Your body is healing itself.

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