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Experience how this lightworker app can light you up like no other.

Experience how this lightworker app can light you up like no other.

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Lightworkers: Activate with This App

Listen to a few seconds of Starsinger’s app Planetary Lightworkers Technologies and you’ll find yourself reveling in the beautifully multilayered sounds that take you into deep meditations as well as receiving healing activations. Starsinger is a musician, app developer, and a Planetary Priestess who works with illuminated souls to activate their highest potential. 

The Planetary Lightworkers Technologies app is mesmerizing to listen to. Can you tell us what you want to accomplish with your listeners? Yes, they are very advanced sound frequencies. The light codes that come into each sound frequency adjust, harmonize, and bring into homeostasis certain aspects of consciousness, the soul, the emotional, and the physical body. We all have many “bodies” and the subtle frequencies are “tuning” you as you listen to them. The subtle light waves in the sound frequencies are brought in from the 12th dimension.

You offer a lot of free frequencies on the app with the benefits including EMF Signal Clearing, Cerebral Spinal Fluid Reset, Agreement Field Clearing… what is that? It is for when you’re running an old story with a partner, for instance, and you don’t want to run it anymore. Say you keep doing something over and over again that you don’t want to do. Somewhere in your agreement field, you gave permission for that to happen. With your intention, this frequency will go in and clear that out of your holographic field.

You have a goal of 1,000,000 people downloading this app. What kind of world do you envision if that happens? Unfortunately, we haven’t come through duality consciousness yet. So I can tell you what’s going to happen in the next couple of years: the light codes are already birthing other technologies that people will be creating. All the lightworkers and people in their hearts helping humanity… all of those people will rise together, creating more communion, and a more collective union. On the other hand, for the other half of the world, for those who have chosen to stay in deception and the other lower vibrating frequencies, they’re going to be in constant purification for many years to come until they surrender. It’s like the Violet Flame consciousness—if you’re ready, you go through it easily to get to the next plateau of consciousness. But anyone who wants to stay deceptive, greedy, and for the ego, they are going to be drilled. I’m sorry, but the light and the dark can’t exist together. The light will help the duality pop into one, like in that movie “The Dark Crystal.” 

It sounds like an uncomfortable process. For some, yes, because they’re stuck in the old paradigm. Anyone who’s not willing to surrender (their ego) right now. They have to be willing to let all that go and be here in this present moment and say, “What am I receiving right now? Oh, I’m actually being told something different than what I was told then.” So these light frequencies that everyone can have for free on the first level are going to help people get up into that vibration and say, “Okay, what do I do. Yes, I’m enlightened. How can I help?” 

What else do you want people to know? That they’ve been limited by what they’ve been taught. Once they open up their perception, and the field of awareness begins to open within them, they will tap into the limitless consciousness. That is beyond the mind, and that’s what these sound frequencies—even passively—are going to help people to do.

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