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Super-Nova Quantum Healing

Super-Nova Quantum Healing

Healings Are Happening at Lightning Speed

If you’re ready to heal and let go, I may be your healer. For a free consultation, please text (480) 586-5804. We’ll set a time dedicated to you. You can also email me at caroljenny. Please friend me on Facebook. Carol Jenny and Carl Jenny Healing. Dedicated to spirituality and healing.

Is now happening in GIANT QUANTUM LEAPS.

There are verifiable amazing things now happening on the planet.
The crystals are not only waking up, some are levitating in mid-air.
Vortexes are opening, Rain crystals are being coded by the angelic realm.

Healings I’ve recently facilitated have gone SUPER-NOVA QUANTUM. I watched one client process a whole batch of lifetimes and go straight to RAINBOW BODY. This used to take a devoted monk in the monastery 15 years of continuously being grounded in the heart. I helped a client get there in about two hours. It was amazing to watch. It truly was an OMG moment.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is the grand performance.

This is IT! And it has only just begun. We’re in the photon belt, and things are accelerating rapidly. What was not possible before is now possible, and I am seeing it day after day.

Making yourself the priority and being willing to participate in healing yourself is the greatest gift of love you can give yourself…and the planet.

You are the plan, you are the planet. You are the courageous front-runner to do the inner work.

It isn’t about the outside, the trendy clothes, the status symbols, the hair color. External referencing for your identity is a seductive trap. Discovering you from the inside out is the “rubber hits the road” real deal. It’s time to reference and identify with who you are INSIDE.

The formula for true authentic healing is:


  • Heal
  • Prepare vehicle to hold more light (the healed part)
  • Incension
  • “Occupy Self”


It’s a process of healing the old and bringing  in the new (light) to allow your Divine Nature to manifest in your physical form.


Ascension or Incension – “Occupy Self” specialist.

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