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SuperAdobe Homes by CalEarth

SuperAdobe Homes by CalEarth

CalEarth Class

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    Is it possible to build a home by hand that’s earthquake proof and fireproof for under $2000?

    If you’ve got the land, consider taking a few weekend classes with CalEarth in Hesperia, California. They’ve perfected the Superadobe made mostly out of the very earth you’re building it on.

    Using just a few tools and long sandbags (“SuperAdobe bags) with some barbed wire to hold the layers in place, you can build a home that passes severe earthquake code tests and are fireproof. 

    It’s probably no coincidence they’re located in California.

    CalEarth is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization “committed to providing solutions to the human need for shelter through research, development, and education in earth architecture,” which is also spurred on by the global housing shortage which includes some 20-40 million refugees and displaced person, not to mention the hundreds of millions who live in slum housing.

    According to their website, Cal-Earth’s designs have been studied by NASA, endorsed and used by the United Nations, featured in countless world media outlets, and awarded the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

    For their current class schedule and videos go to 

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