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Surrendering to the Life That’s Waiting for You

Surrendering to the Life That’s Waiting for You

By Beth Lopez

Some people claim they’re not spiritual, but what do they think a mid-life crisis is all about?

It’s about that thing deep inside of you, the voice of your most authentic Self, that’s been nudging you this way and that in life, suggesting this or that.  And you’ve been ignoring it. Denying there even is an inner voice way deep down.

For many people, it’s not a voice, but a feeling, and I certainly wasn’t brought up to honor feelings.  I know better now.

I call these things we usually ignore “soul signals.” And what happens when you ignore them is that you get sick. Or tired. Or stressed or depressed. Why? Because you’re working against yourself, your True Self that incarnated into this body to do something on this planet that only you could do… until you started listening to what other people thought you should do, and you did that instead.

Because if you didn’t, you would get into “trouble” which was usually some version of being cut off from the tribe, and therefore cut off from love and being wanted, something none of us want to feel.

Don’t be hard on yourself if this happened to you.  It is perfectly human to want to fit in and please others, so you don’t get shunned. It’s only the present moment that counts, and what you do with it.

The problem with living this way is this: if your primary motivator in life is to “stay out of trouble” and “do their right thing,” well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s called living in fear, and all your other decisions will stem from that, creating a life of disharmony and unfulfillment, which is a recipe for a mid-life crisis and more.

Crazy, right?

The good news: it’s great to figure all that out

and finally break free from it! Because nobody knows what’s best for you except you. What was best for me was to break out of an emotional prison I didn’t realize I’d created, breathe the fresh air of freedom, and share what I’ve learned so others could experience the same joy and freedom.

So now I run a company called The Soul Searching Academy, and I’m an instructor and practitioner of Theta healing and Reiki, among others.

But I had to have my own mid-life crisis to start me on that path.

What saved me? A hug from a co-worker.

What was so special about it? Her hug was surging with the kind of spiritual energy you get when you’ve just returned from the grounds in Italy where St. Francis of Assisi cared for the sick and the poor.

I could feel the energy from that place, and it felt magical. It transferred through her to me like a shock to the system. I was apparently very ready to receive it, and it changed my life completely.

Now, I pass that on to others through universal energy, Christ energy and Christ consciousness (which is ironic, because my strict religious past caused me to rebel from all things Jesus-y until I learned I could have my own personal relationship with Him). I help awaken the light in others through my own teachings and particularly the soul sessions I offer in Orange County and remotely to many others in the world.

That’s a long way from a childhood where this little girl grew up in a strict, sheltered, ultra-religious household attending seminary school that started at 5:55am every day. It did not prepare me for the workforce at 17 years of age, which was its own kind of harsh reality.

When I got married and had children, I made a conscious, yet rebellious decision to stop going to church because I was done with being forced to engage in all of the responsibilities that came with being an active church-goer. Already I sensed there was more freedom available than what I could experience.

My personal evolution couldn’t keep pace with the marriage, so thirteen years later we divorced.

Now, I knew I wanted something else, but I didn’t have any guidance, and I started down a path of reckless behavior that almost led to an overdose at age 31.

“Is this my mid-life crisis?” I would ask myself. I felt lost and apathetic towards my loved ones and my career. My heart and soul were crying out for more. To many, it may have looked like I had it all, but I also felt I was a massive disappointment to my parents because my life did not turn out to be that fairytale they always envisioned me having. I was in great existential pain and continuously wondered what would allow me to feel whole?

Then I saw my glowing co-worker who emanated love and happiness… Something propelled me to ask her for a hug even though we didn’t know each other well. We hugged, and something in shifted in me and I’ve never looked back.

I’d wanted to leave my job for a long time, and now I finally had the courage. Thankfully my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was supportive of me staying at home with our two-year-old.

Newly free of the job I detested and open to possibility, I took a Metaphysics class that inspired me to pursue my desire to discover how to continuously feel the “it feeling” I felt that day. I found it!

Then I began working with the teacher one-on-one on a modality called Theta healing. Whatever this stuff was, I remember thinking, it’s working amazingly on me and I wanted more. Major, permanent changes were happening that I just couldn’t ignore!

One of my most significant results: 10 YEARS OF ANXIETY AND GUILT SUDDENLY VANISHED!

When I received this healing, I knew energy healing was real. You can’t dispute direct experience, and I was determined to share it.

The sessions helped strengthen my marriage and become a more understanding parent—I am so grateful for that. But I also became a better listener of my inner self.

Six months into my training later I received a call from within; an inner feeling that was telling me that THIS was what I was to do for others. To help others release repressed emotions of guilt, shame, and abandonment from family, religion, relationships and from the world in general.

It’s been 5 years since I’ve successfully embarked on this journey of ENERGY and 4 years as a practitioner. Now, I am a teacher & instructor in Theta healing as well as a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher.

My work is for those that are awakening, seeking, searching and not quite knowing what it is they are searching for. I can offer that “it” feeling as well as the universal Christ energy that was passed onto me.

In fact, I invite you to discover this new energy for yourself in my soul sessions. It is simply me bringing being an open channel of universal Christ energy to help you release, unblock beliefs, patterns, and trauma so that you can live from an unchained mind, free from your negative thoughts and patterns. It may be unlike anything you’ve ever felt; like bringing Heaven to Earth.

Working in my space you will feel safe to release and surrender to yourself, and experience an array of doors opening up positive for the present and future possibilities of your LIFE. Now ask yourself, “Am I ready to open those doors?”

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