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Surviving the Shift, by Gosia Lorenz

Surviving the Shift, by Gosia Lorenz

Gosia Lorenz

Gosia Lorenz

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Have you been experiencing symptoms of awakening and stepping into the New Paradigm?

For many empathic people, it has been a slow and uncomfortable process, exposing and illuminating dark places, programs, regrets, guilt, shame, blame, and fears.

Lately, it’s been like the perfect storm hit me. My personal and professional life turned upside down. I filed for divorce, found new love, left an organization I worked with, reevaluated my practice, my work values, and my teaching path.

I lived through moments of joy, expansion, and lightness, followed by a wave of darkness, anxiety, and sadness. I got intense energetic downloads, upgrades, and activations. I wondered if the roller coaster will ever end. I have a multitude of tools in my toolbox, but often I didn’t even have the energy to use them. I started searching and reading because I had no idea what was happening to me.

I was surrounded by beautiful and loving Beings of Light, Angels, and Galactic Beings constantly

Then finally one day I felt clear, powerful, joyful, unstoppable, aware, judgement-free, and awake! My connection with the energies around me became stronger than ever. I was surrounded by beautiful and loving Beings of Light, Angels, and Galactic Beings constantly. Even that connection was more intense – before there was always a little bit of separation, I was “here,” they were “there,” I was limited, they knew everything. Now it feels like they are here to co-create and collaborate with me, that we are a loving Oneness, assisting and supporting one another. It is much easier to use my psychic abilities, perceive, read, shift, and transform energy in people, situations, and places.

If you are anywhere on this path and are feeling lost, I can help you navigate it.

Here are some other common Signs of Awakening:

  • You are questioning your reality, beliefs, relationships, and looking for a deeper meaning
  • You can no longer stay in toxic relationships of any kind, personal or professional
  • It becomes harder to do a job that doesn’t nurture your soul or make you happy
  • You have a deep desire to do something meaningful that contributes to humanity
  • You feel more drawn to or connected to nature
  • Your body is craving cleaner, healthier foods
  • You look at the night sky and wonder when will your real family will come and get you 😉

How to make it easier on you:

  • Rest and sleep more.
  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Drink more water than usual.
  • Listen to your body when choosing foods and supplements.
  • Educate yourself about the New Paradigm, and trust your intuition when choosing among teachers.
  • Connect with like-minded people, find a mentor.
  • Meditate. Surrender, let go, release it all AND ascend!

My journey through this process is ongoing, and I suspect yours is too. But some of the hardest parts are over. Would you like to join me?

Gosia Lorenz is a transformational coach, consciousness facilitator, healer, divorce mediator, public speaker, and published author. Clients hire her to expand what is possible for them, eliminate energetic blocks, clear entities, overcome limitations, release their painful past, and raise their vibrations. For more information, visit: or call 949-315-9260. YouTube Channel: Gosia Lorenz. For divorce mediation, visit:

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