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Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

Hanging up high heels and high-rise living for helmet-hair and rice fields in Bali

Please got to to choose your beautiful infused necklace that will make a difference for you and for an incredible population of people here.

Beth is a flower-whisperer, international entrepreneur and radio-show host.

Her radio show, “Empowering Pure Love and Purpose,” provides life-journey lessons and pearls of wisdom to empower others.

Beth Bell resides in Bali

Instagram @ QueenBlissBee

I loved my corporate career but knew there was much more in my divine blueprint to explore, so in 2013 I set out on a mission to “Pollinate the Planet with Love,” which led to becoming a seasoned intuitive risk-taker as I made some big and risky jumps, including opening a retail store launching an inspirational jewelry line and flower-inspired product collections.

But then Bali, my new home, got into trouble.

A volcano eruption caused some anxiety, but when it fizzled, the tourists continued to stay away. To this day, in fact! This has left the big-hearted family-supporting Balinese people destitute, right in the middle of the most beautiful tropical paradise.

You see, after the success of movies like “Eat Pray Love” thousands of tourists flocked here, and the Balinese scrambled to accommodate them, expanding their tourism business exponentially.

I had no idea the universe (through Mt. Agung) would challenge my bliss paradigm. The question now is how long will the Balinese economy swirl in a spiral of financial chaos?

And what could one business-owner like myself do?

It’s one of the most blissful places on the planet, yet the news media will only flash footage of eruptions, many of which are not even Mt. Agung! This has created fear and anxiety unnecessarily, and the sudden loss of jobs for the Balinese.

(The irony for me is it’s the most magical time to be on the island. The energy is transformational, the roads are calm and we all have an opportunity to grow in the unique energy of an active volcano.)

In an effort to help, my company Blossom BLISS has a donation goal of 15 million Rupiah when we hit 1,000 Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklace sales, which means we’re donating to nonprofits that are helping those in need. Every purchase makes a difference. Wearing the power of these mantras near your heart along with the blessings from the Balinese artisans will also catapult the manifesting of your desires.  We all blossom together and assist in our mutual mission to Pollinate the Planet with Love.

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