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Talking with the Angels

Talking with the Angels


Let Body Talk Show You How

Karen Sommers is a holistic practitioner who works together with your angels and guides you to create harmony and balance in your health and life. She offers her clients a unique system of intuitive healing called Body Talk. —Editor

Can you tell me what you do to get people to experience their angels? It helps when they’re in the presence of somebody who can move energy and change energy levels. If I started meditating with you right now, the energy would change your vibration. It would go up to a higher level. When you’re at that level, you’re more open to feel them and experience them. I also channel healing energy from the angels.

This is how you start? Even before the intake, I meditate on my client before I meet them. This is part of the Body Talk approach. I usually get images of what’s going on in their life. And then they come in and sit down and usually confirm what I’ve already seen. I’ll say, “I’ve been looking at you before you came and this is what I see.” Then it becomes a coaching and healing session with their angels coming in and guiding me on what to do and say for their happiness.

How did you get to be a skilled intuitive life guide? After studying acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, I went to work at a center for the elderly and at a children’s hospital and I would find myself teaching the patient. Doctors and nurses would ask, “Why are you talking to the people so much?” I was like, “I need to educate them. I need them to not need me anymore.” Acupuncture alone wasn’t going deep enough for me until someone introduced me to Body Talk, which utilizes kinesiology to communicate with the body-mind-spirit, and tapping to release the emotions and balance the energy in the body. With Body Talk, I can go deeper emotionally and work with active memories and trapped emotions.

You could engage with them more. Exactly. We use a lot of acupuncture points in Body Talk anyway, and then I trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, which I’m passionate about, too. I find lately that I’m having the most success using those things while connecting with a person’s energy, their higher self.

Have you always been intuitive? Many years ago, somebody said to me when I was studying acupuncture, “Oh, you’ve got this connection with the angels and spirits.” Then, when I was working in the Canary Islands with clients, all of a sudden something started happening: I was getting images and messages and feelings, actual physical feelings related to my clients. And it took me a few years to accept or realize what it was.

So it was your intuitive abilities coming through? Yes. That was 15 years ago. Once I realized that was happening, of course I was like, “Wow, this is great.” So I have knowledge I’ve learned from studying Chinese medicine, including psychology and nutrition, and I just let the angels come through and guide me in what to do and say.

What would you say is your main mission in life? What I’ve understood from the angels is that they want to help people understand that the angels are here and wanting to communicate with them, that people can call on them and that they’re here for them. Clients say to me, “Karen, what you really did for me is made me realize I’ve got angels.” You know? I’m good at tapping this out of people.

Karen Sommers is offering a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Call or come in for your appointment at the Healing Key now: (310) 755-4130, 2117 East 7th Street, Long Beach 90804. Or you can call Karen directly at (562) 221-0381 or contact her at


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