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Techniques for Deep Trauma Healing

Techniques for Deep Trauma Healing

Maria Lomeli is an intuitive energy healer and a QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner. For an appointment, call 310-755-4130.

By Maria Lomeli

I’ve learned a lot through my work as a quantum healer and a Past Life Regression Therapist, and I’ve also learned a lot through facing and releasing my own traumas in order to experience more freedom.

So, this is what I teach my clients:

If I notice something that makes me uncomfortable and it is repetitive, either a thought or a feeling that’s not in alignment with my highest self. I train myself to be alert to that and not just let it pass me by. It’s indicating there’s something within me that needs work, and if I don’t address it, it will keep coming back.

If I don’t do the work, I continue to give my power away to the recreation of deeply seeded distortions. So, I start by saying, “Thank you for letting me know this.”

Then I go deep.

I ask, “Where is this coming from? Is it from this life or a past life?”

Then I pay attention to what gets presented to me. It could be an image, a feeling, or even a knowing.

I do as much as I can on my own (see below) and if I need help from a healer, I get it.

I like to assure my clients that no matter what happens in my healing sessions—or in their lives, for that matter—it can never change their authentic truth.

I also assure them that they can meet eye-to-eye with anything that plagues them when they’re standing in their power.

This is especially helpful when I teach them that the trauma is usually held in place by what we call “resistance,” and that this resistance has a consciousness we can directly address to release it with our “self-talk.”

For instance, when I’m working with an issue of my own, I will give commands to any parts of me where I feel resistance. I acknowledge that I put the resistance there. I own it completely. This way I’m not a victim. I’m empowered to deal with it head-on.

I powerfully say, “I’m the one who created you, and I’m the one releasing you now. At some level I agreed to this, but I no longer agree to it and I choose to now let you go.”

I always recommend going in with love and compassion and gratitude when you’re getting to the root of a trauma or an issue. Even though the trauma and any resistance around it is uncomfortable, it has actually served you in many ways. After doing “the work” on this trauma, we understand the wisdom, strength, tools, etc., we gain from each experience. The resistance had a job to do and did it, like blocking or hiding the pain so you could function in your life. We can therefore be grateful to it.

You might say, “You were helpful to me, you protected me, but you’re no longer helpful to me. You had a job, a role to play, and it’s no longer necessary, so you may go.”

Guess what? They release and they go.

You can immediately see the person relax with their energy when this happens. The whole mood lightens… and deep healing begins.


Maria Lomeli is an intuitive energy healer and a QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner. For an appointment, call 310-755-4130.


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