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The Angels, Ascended Masters and Social Media

The Angels, Ascended Masters and Social Media

The Angels speak of simplicity, and are fond of stating that, “Humans love to muddy up the waters, when it has been made so elegantly simple.”

Phyllis Douglass

The Angels speak of simplicity, and are fond of stating that, “Humans love to muddy up the waters, when it has been made so elegantly simple.”

What the Angels are speaking of is the manner in which we allow, or restrict our accessibility to God by masking the opportunity presented to us in each and every moment. To live and breathe in communion with Source, and in union with all things… as the divine beings in physical form we truly are.

In fact, they told me to detach from the past, focus only on what positively fuels me and sparks joy. To also do the work I came here to do, and amplify my use of multiple social media outlets.


The Angels stated that technological accoutrements available today used in spiritual ritual serve as a key gateway for spreading knowledge and teachings, and opens access to a broader base of community throughout the world then would otherwise be available. The Internet provides this kind of soulful enrichment in a world where borders are being imposed each and every day, a breadth of reach not available by other means, for both auditory and visual communication.

What this means to you and I, is that we have the opportunity to share our gifts and be of service to people we would otherwise never cross paths with. We have the ability to create large scale communities focused on creating a better world from the state of unconditional love for the welfare of our fellow travelers.

However, to ensure our thoughts, words, and actions come from the heart versus the mind, the Angels ask that we breathe into the teachings of the Ascended Masters, like the Buddha, Kuan Yin and Jesus.

“The Ascended never preyed upon the peoples’ perceived weaknesses or limitations, or shortfalls, or made one feel diminished in will and spirit for capital gain. They never told someone that something was missing that only they were capable of providing. They never made people feel that they were lacking anything. When in fact, all that is needed resides within. This is what was shared in their teachings. A true teacher awakens and nurtures the inner greatness within you, as you actively participate in your own self-discovery, self-initiation and self-realization.”

As we are reminded by the angels, the Ascended offered keys of wisdom, tools, and practices to open the doorways to truth that already exist within all beings everywhere.

This is the path that we are being asked to travel. The roles of the teacher, healer, and spiritual advisor or mentor, who leads by example with encouragement, by whatever means possible, in order to illuminate the paths of others so that all may see and acknowledge their own divinity, let go of the illusion…and be free.

by Phyllis Douglass

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